40+ Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you still find these a bit complicated? A few examples of teenage girl bedrooms below might help you. Enjoy!

Teenage Girl Bedroom With Dreamy Canopy Bed

Image via: laurencoburn.com

This room is a simple, plain looking sleeping space touched with a few bright blue covers on the bedroom living sets and bed headboard. The floor is covered with gray rug while the wall in bluish gray color.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Purple Patterns and Silver Accents

Image via: d2interieurs.com

Girls just love purple! This bedroom is lush with purple curtains, lampshades and purple dashing pattern pillowcases and bedcovers. The wall frame matches the purple theme too! While metallic silver ottomans, glaring pairs of bedside tables, soft bed, textured flooring and name printed cushions do a great deal.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Floral Wallpaper

Image via: fiddleheaddesigngroup.com

Floral decorated walls and pillows give color and life to this warm colored bedroom with gray, black and white headboard, bed covers and pillow cases respectively. The ceiling and other wood vanities are gleaming in glossy finished wood works.


Blue Teenage Girl Bedroom with Dark Wood Floor

Image via: zillow.com

Isn’t it a little warmer when it is all filled with wood touches alone? So here’s an explosion of light blue-green on the walls, bench, and bed. Add up the complementing lampshade and pillows completing the bluish setting. Moreover, the shimmering silver cabinets and the hanging bubble chair are enticing on the corners.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Pink and Yellow Rug

Image via: hgtv.com

Teenagers love bold colors, which reflect their energy and style. No wonder why this bedroom stuns in colorful floor rug and blue walls. What inspires is the printed dedications on the upper wall and bed cover.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Pink Pendant Lights

Image via: tobifairley.com

Neon colors are one of the first color choices for teenage girls. They often choose to wear bright pink, yellow or blue and so does with their other stuff. Just take a look at this bedroom’s walls, bed covers, desk, and chairs, aren’t they striking with colors? Even pillows, curtains, picture frame and the pendant lights are colorful.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With White Bedding

Image via: cleandesignpartners.com

While some of the girls want to have a colorful bedroom, some just want a simple and plain looking room, just like this one. White floor rug on the wooden floor, white bedding, and the like seem to satisfy the view. A few bright colors like the red pillows and items on the shelf, however, give an excellent contrast.


Teenage Girl Bedroom with White Furniture

Image via: zillow.com

Soft textured brownish floor rug and white vanities are added in this bedroom while bright colored stuff like storage boxes and printed bed covers and pillows are adding to a livelier look. The blue wall does give a calm atmosphere on the other side.


Bright and Colorful Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: heatherscotthome.com

Patterns and the color combinations of blue and red work beautifully in this set up as these blends nicely with white bed covers, ceiling and walls. A uniquely designed leaf chandelier is spotted right up the ceiling along with the floral printed window curtains.


Bright Colors Teenage Girl Bedroom with Dark Wood Accents

Image via: hgtv.com

This bedroom is quite an explosion of colors and functionality. The striped, multicolor floor rug gives color and warmth to the room whereas the bed is with gradient designed sheet and pillows. The colorful frames, purple study chairs with white vanities, the bookshelf on the edge of the bed and an extra pull out underneath it make this room both bright and comfortable.


Bright Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: Houlihan Lawrence

A teenage girl obviously owns this bedroom because of the bright colored designs and patterns on the floor and walls. The full space of this bedroom is only occupied with a few vanities like the corner table, the soft cushioned bed and bedside tables, which is perfect for friends on an overnight fun.

Chic Gray Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: hgtv.com

This bedroom is pleasant and elegant due to its dimly gray touches on the walls, headboard, curtains, bench, and bedding. The white vanities give it a bright highlight, though. Credits to the high up bookshelves and window seat for the well-served functionality.

Contemporary Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

Hello Kitty and friends seem to sit comfortably in this pretty bedroom. The pink pillows and cushions add brightness to the white and gray combination of this room. The wooden floor is covered with crack pattern rug, and the walls and ceiling are painted in creamy white shades.


Country Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

This room is undeniably cool with the stunning bright blue colors! There is a pattern floor rug on the wooden floor, model bed cover with matching pillows and curtains, a few wood vanities and white shelving for stuff and an overhead shelf for displays.


Eclectic Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

Different shades of purple seem to dominate this bedroom’s color scheme. Starting from the lightest purple on the walls followed by the bed covers, curtains, blanket and the chair. A few addition of native vanities, ceiling fan, decorative dress form mannequin and lampshades are seen here too.


Glamorous Teenage Girl Bedroom With Graphic Accent wall

Image via: kbwinteriors.com

This is one satisfying look of elegance and style with its furry floor rug, dotted blue bed covers and pillows, bluish pattern walls, dark floor, decorative shelving and blue ceiling. The love, hug and kisses board on the bed sides give an artsy addition.


Glamorous Teenage Girl Bedroom With Pink Bed

Image via: redeggdesigngroup.com

Isn’t it the pink bed that highlights it all? It does stand out amongst the dark wall and stuff inside the bedroom. The floor rug is black as well as the wall, sofa, and a few pillows. Some of the things like the purple pillows and mounted items give extra colorful shades.


Gray Teenage Girl Bedroom with Pink Accents

Image via: zillow.com

Gray tones are dim and dull, but when added with a twist of bright pink colors, it becomes lively. This bedroom’s walls are shaded in gray as well as the bed and floor rug, but it is highlighted with a pink bed sheet, chandelier, and a few mounted items on desk and shelves.


Gray Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

The colorful zigzag patterns on the bed covers and pillows make an excellent color scheme to this dimly lit up bedroom. The walls, cabinet sides, and ceiling are painted in gray while the floor is covered with a brownish rug. A few personalized collections hang on the wall and ceiling.


Green Teenage Girl Bedroom With Fabric Headboard

Image via: hgtv.com

This room is as cool and calm as nature. Maybe it is because of the green color shades of the wall, handbag, seat and pillow covers. With accents of pink on them. There are also white vanities present with red frames and red scarf on the bed bench.


Green Teenage Girl Bedroom With Nature Wallpaper

Image via: jacinteriordesign.com

The bed’s back wall is printed with the nature-inspired art while on the other wall is a plain green color. The headboard is painted in different shades of green while the hand knit blanket.


Lavender and White Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: hgtv.com

Floral and lavender are flooding in this bedroom’s walls and furniture. The pillows and window curtains are in floral too while the bedding, bed, bench and cabinet are on their simplest white look. Not only that, the wooden floor is partially covered with dark pattern rug.


Light Green Teenage Girl Bedroom With Pink Bedding

Image via: rkiinteriordesign.com

A very playful looking bedroom with a few kid stuff present, resting on a light pink and green colored floor rug. The bed curtain, bed and pillow and covers have the same colors too. The chandelier looks fancy in its floral design holders.


Luxury Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

Image via: zillow.com

A very spacious and classy styled bedroom with the bright pink rug on the ceramic tiled floor and pink pillows on a white bed. The corner sofa and chairs are in shades of pink too. The color, uniqueness, and warmth are added by the white ceiling painted with floral and bird designs.


Minimalist Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

Limited stuff in the room adds space and elegance. The floor is covered with rug tiling, and the bed is made of wood with pink covered foam mounted with a green blanket and colorful pillows. The pink floor cushion gives a place to relax.


Pink and Black Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com


Melissa is the name written on the fluffy wall frame. This one is highly customized and designed according to the owner’s desires. The wall and bed are colored in black and pink. While also present are the hardwood vanities and rug tiled floor.


Pink and White Teenage Girl Bedroom With Blue Bed

Image via: butterlutz.com

The blue bed is indeed the good looking catch as this accents on a red pattern designed bedroom with white cabinets and shelves. The room has a wide sliding door covered with white curtains.


Pink and White Teenage Girl Bedroom With Tufted Bed

Image via: John Daugherty

The patterned rug on the palette wood floor matches the white tufted bed. On the other hand, the covers and pillows give a nice accent to the white shade. The curtains are in pink and gray colors while the cabinets and walls are in sleek white.


Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom With Black and White Rug

Image via: tobifairley.com

The seamless wall and ceiling are painted in pink while the bathroom walls have pink patterns too. The bed is designed with floral pink, black and white floral patterns while the bed bench is in leopard prints. Most of all, the floor is stylish in its design black and white tiles.


Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom With Faux Fur Throw

Image via: hgtv.com

The light orange shade on the walls is quite cheerful along with the colorful wall frames and pillows.


Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom with Polka Dot Bedding

Image via: hgtv.com

This is a highly girlish themed bedroom with the pink wall and floor. The bed covers are in pink and dotted black while the hardwood chair’s bottom is in dotted white and black too. The wall is mounted with customized frames and name letters.


Teenage Girl Bedroom with Preppy Pink and Green Color Palette

Image via: John Daugherty

Some teenage girls love collectibles, so it is best to have a space for this stuff in their bedroom. These also serve as decorations just like in this preppy pink and green bedroom. The bed covers, sofa, and bed bench are pink while the chair and floor rug are Green.


Purple Teenage Girl Bedroom with Chandelier

Image via: zillow.com

The walls of this bedroom are coated in shades of purple and are matched with pink accents on the chair and bed cover lining. The floor, ceiling, and tables are white while the floor cushion is in dotted black color.


Purple Teenage Girl Bedroom With Floral Accent Wall

Image via: mccroskeyinteriors.com

The back wall of this bedroom is designed with floral accents. The bed is covered with the colorful pattern pillows and spread, whereas cushions on the window bench are also in the pink shade.


Red, White and Black Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: hgtv.com

The combination of red, black and white color pattern is stylish and cool as the ones on the lampshade, pillows and seat cover. A few of the pattern storage boxes are found under the canopy bed resting on a white floor. The ceiling and walls are as white as the cabinets.


Teenage Girl Bedroom with Soft Gray Walls with Blue and Coral Accent

Image via: raeganford.com

An industrial look somehow invades in this bedroom with the soft gray colors on the walls and bedside table. The bed is covered with a gray sheet with pattern pillows. Roller blind boxes are covered with patterns, and the wall is mounted with rounded frames and roller skate-board.


Sophisticated Teenage Girl Bedroom with Upholstered Lilac Bed

Image via: amyelbaumdesigns.com

Zigzag patterned pillows and pouf sitting on the wooden floor are matching to the soft floor rug. Found inside this bedroom is a soft lilac bed with purple bottom and headboard, soft armchair, white cabinets and white paneled walls with large dotted patterns.


Sophisticated Teenage Girl Bedroom with Artwork

Image via: hgtv.com

This compact bedroom is highly maximized with furniture and vanities. You will see shades of earth colors on the pattern floor rug, headboard, native basket, tables, and cabinets. The walls are painted in white while a few colors in the frame and pillows give a beautiful accent.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Polka Dot Bedding

Image via: zillow.com

Bluish green chair, curtains, and pillow accent the dotted black and white bed and pillows. The room’s walls are painted in white while the floor is in a brownish shade. The mannequins are get up with trendy dresses.


Teenage Girl Bedroom With Pink Striped Wall

Image via: zillow.com

The combination of Pink and black is so unique and fabulous. The bed and pillow covers are in dotted black and pink ruffles. The matching lampshades and the walls painted in striped pink and black make this room a perfect choice who wants to decor their room with flow and perfection.


Small Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

Polka dots curtains in shades of green are adding beauty to the wide window while the matching graying and chair are resting on the wooden floor. The soft bed is covered with a bluish and white sheet with matching pillows. On the gray wall,  the artsy frame and woman figure add life to the wall.


Traditional Teenage Girl Bedroom

Image via: zillow.com

The red sheet stands out among the other colors. The bed is filled with colorful pillows and a patterned blanket. The wall is painted in light blue color while the bathroom wall is painted in blue violet, the same with the table top sitting under the hanging white cabinet.


White Teenage Girl Bedroom With Black Accents

Image via: hgtv.com

With a white background, black is always the best accent as displayed on the walls. This room is furnished with a bed with white pillows and sheets, silver cabinet and a wall mirror. In addition to the black and white combination, the red bolster pillow and chair give life to the room.


White Teenage Girl Bedroom with Pink Color Scheme

Image via: hgtv.com

Pink is often described as the girls’ favorite color. This is why this white bedroom is accented with pink bed bench, toys, lampshades, and curtains. The pink floral accents on the frame and floor added the touch too.


White Teenage Girl Bedroom With Yellow Throw

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

While most of the teenage girls’ bedrooms are furnished with pink color, this white bedroom is highlighted with yellow. The white color is prominent in this room aside from the pillows, the bench foam, and the wall frames.

30 Awesome Small Backyard Ideas

Pocket backyards are common in suburban communities and inner city lots, however there are many things you can do to make the most out of your tiny yard space. Here are 30 awesome ideas that will transform your backyard into a comfortable, functional and impressive space for outdoor entertaining.

1. Trim Trees

When shopping for your shrubbery, be savvy and select upward growing trees. Green giant arborvitae, magnolia, cherry, maples, Persian Ironwood, and even bamboos can attractively line up your backyard, give you shade, and provide fresh air without taking a lot of space.

wood fence and trim side trees

2.  Murphy Picnic Set

Enjoy meals al fresco with a hideaway picnic set that you can fold up when not in use.

collapsible garden picnic set

3. Side Gardening

Line your fencing with side gardens and leave the centre of your yard open. This format will create the illusion of space.

backyard side garden

4. A White Backyard

Light colours give the illusion of space. White walls, furniture, and light hued plants create a cool and airy backyard.

comfortable garden nook

5.The Skinny Pool

Who says swimming pools are limited to large backyards? A narrow lap pool is a great addition to a small backyard.

modern skinny backyard pool

6. Mosaic Pathway

Introduce colour and shape into your backyard with a detailed mosaic pathway.

mosaic garden pathway

7. A Grassy Nook

Segment a portion of the yard to grow a lush patch of grass to relax on.

cool tropical garden design

8. Vertical Box Gardening

Don’t let the lack of space stop you from creating floral garden beds. Vertical box gardens are popular throughout smaller spaces.

vertical flower boxes

9. Water Feature

A unique and striking water feature will add a strong focal point to your backyard, de-emphasising the size restrictions of your yard.

Zen garden water feature

10. Clean and Modern

Even the tiniest yard can be transformed into a comfortable outdoor nook. Introduced a minimalist aesthetic to your backyard with simple planters, cultivated plants and lean benches.

pocket backyard design idea

11. Corner Seating Hub

Create the illusion of a wider space by strategically placing your features in one corner of the backyard and leave the rest of the area open.

clean and green private garden

12.   Diamond Pavers

Bring in some drama and depth into your pathways with diamond patterned pavers.

diamond garden pavers

13. Plant Contouring

Keep in mind the shape of your garden when choosing plants. This vibrant cluster has the right height, complementing shapes, and a variety of delightful colour.

vibrant garden cluster

14. Classic Symmetry

You can never go wrong with the classic symmetrical garden plan.

small symmetrical backyard

15. Bricked

Give your backyard character and colour with brickwork. The warm red seen in brick flooring vividly contrasts against vibrant greenery, creating a lush mini forest.

small bricked backyard

16. Terrace Gardening

Fill every nook and cranny of your backyard with a terraced garden. Using timber framing helps to add a more rustic vibe.

terraced pocket garden

17. Cultured Pergolas

Add a romantic quality to your small backyard with a choice of fragrant climbers. Adding a pergola with fragrant climbers like jasmine, roses, wisteria, or sweet peas will transform any yard into a dreamy space.

small backyard with pergola

18. Square Pavers and Gravel

Square pavers and gravel keep the backyard neat and modern. The tandem also perfectly complement wood fencing and decking.

contemporary backyard deck

19. Asymmetrical Decking

A long and narrow backyard is ideal for the non-conformist asymmetrical deck plan. Create a nook, install strategic lights, and plant as you go along the length of your backyard.

modern small backyard garden

20. Simply Lush

Transform a sparse backyard into an emerald forest by filling it up with green lush plants.

small backyard English garden

21. Fire and Water

Stay by the fire on nippy evenings, or take a dip during warm nights. This fire and water themed space is very popular among small backyard ideas.

small backyard pool and spa

22. A Live Wall

Rather than planting on the ground, save space by cultivating a live wall.

small space succulents garden

23. Neat and Squared

Among the popular small backyard ideas, the squared garden design is most suited to people who like order, simplicity, and poise.

neat and squared small backyard garden design

24. Lawn and Nook

Love a lawn and a nook in your backyard? This modern backyard plan directly divides the area into two distinct spaces – with a generous side of greens.

lawn, nook and spa backyard design

25. A Round Patio

Turn a small corner space into an entertainment hub complete with a fire pit, a barbecue grill, table and seats. Keep things organised with a rough round patio.

round patio and firepit

26. Spa Themed Garden

Go ultra-modern and Zen with a water, wood, and stone garden. Cool and refreshing.

Zen garden design

27. Pallet Patio

Creating a fancy backyard doesn’t have to be expensive. Recycled pallets can make a charming and bucolic patio.

cosy pallet patio

28. Wood and Grass

This wood and grass backyard is made interesting with the irregular shapes.

contemporary wood and grass small backyard design

29. Arbour and Swing Set

Add a touch of quaintness and romance to your small backyard by adding an arbour and swing set.

arbour and swing garden feature

30. Fancy Wicker Furniture

Wicker pieces are timelessly charming. Bring in a fabulous and delightful wicker furniture to complete your backyard.

fancy wicker garden furniture

Do you have any sensational small backyard ideas that we haven’t covered?

10+ Cool Ideas for Modern Barndominium Plans

BARNDOMINIUM PLANS – “Barndominium” is rising in popularity as modern residential and commercial buildings. Modern barndominium plans have many advantages, such as easy construction, versatile remodeling, and spacious living area. Here are some great barndominium floor plans to inspire your next building project.

2-story storage barn

2-story storage barn – luxihome.com

Storage is one of the most common uses for a barn-style building. A 2-story building with large door and several windows on the second floor will make an excellent storage/office building. A barn is easy to construct, and the interior does not have too many physical hindrances, so this plan is popular for business owners. The top part of the building is enough for an office, stationary storage, pantry, toilet, or bathroom.

2-story house with loft and garage

2-story house with loft and garage – upload.wikimedia.org.com

Another popular floor plan for barndominium is a 2-story house with loft space and extension for the garage. The house can have large windows and a balcony, with arched roofing and a chimney for cold winter.

The extension may be included in the floor plan, but if it does not come with a garage, you can erect a smaller barn and match the exterior with the main building.

This plan may fit two to three bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms. There are also places for the dining room, separate from the kitchen.

Contemporary cabin with an asymmetrical design

Contemporary cabin with an asymmetrical design – i.pinimg.com

The asymmetrical design is very modern and will create a stunning look. You can build a cozy house or holiday cabin by constructing a wood cabin, with modified roofing and trusses to develop crooked look on the top. Add an open porch on the balcony extension and install a large window to give the occupants amazing view.

Prefab barn kit with the erected entryway

Prefab barn kit with the erected entryway – gardenandgun.com

If you cannot build a barn from scratch, you can order barn kits that already have measured materials based on the floor plans. Prefab kits often have straightforward designs, but you can modify them. One good modification is an erected entryway with stairs, which is great if you live in a flood-prone area.

This kind of building is perfect for an office, whether for your own business or regional representation of a company. You can fit at least one bathroom, one pantry, and stationary supply or photocopy room.

Small cabin for holiday house

Small cabin for holiday house – cdn.homedit.com

Small barnominium plan is perfect to make a private holiday cabin. Wooden barn house gives a rustic charm, like living in a village. You can create 1-story or 2-story home, with large windows and small patio to create an exterior. There are several good ideas for a little barn building like this; you can make a small office or individual cabins for a resort business.

Modern barndominium with glass panels

Barndominium modern dengan panel kaca – i.pinimg.com

Large glass panels are famous in modern design trends. They are not only for decorations, but also letting in natural light, reducing the need for turning on the lamps. You can install the glass panel right next to the exterior siding material. You can also create asymmetrical exterior by creating specific placements of glass panels and siding materials.

The size of the building can fit up to three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Traditional barn with loft

Traditional barn with loft – pin-insta-decor.com

A traditional barn is a very straightforward building; a spacious room without hindering posts, perfect to store large livestock, hay, and other farming equipment. A loft creates perfect space to store additional hay or livestock foods. The barn owner can also build large windows for ventilation, without fear that animals can run outside.

2-story large barndominium with cottage extension

2-story large barndominium with cottage extension – i.pinimg.com

There are many things you can do with 2-story large barn house. You can create a mansion, private villa, bed and breakfast, or hotel. If you need extra space, you can build a separate cottage, and connect both buildings with a covered hallway or passageway.

This plan may fit four to five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, plus one suite bedroom, separate dining room, and kitchen.

Hillside barndominium with glass panels

Hillside barndominium with glass panels – i.pinimg.com

If you get a prime site on the hillside, use a floating foundation with large glass panels to give you an amazing view. You can extend one part toward the hill edge, with large glass panels. This nook can be an intimate dining spot, home office, or reading room.

This plan may fit up to three bedrooms and two shared bathrooms.

Rock barn house with a narrow corridor

Rock barn house with a narrow corridor – cottagelife.com

If you have a narrow lot, you can build a barn house with rock siding. The barn’s spacious interior, especially with a loft, will give you extra space for a narrow lot. A Large glass panel at the end of the hallway will create a spacious feeling.

Traditional barn house with garage

Traditional barn house with garage – richmedia.channeladvisor.com

A traditional-style barn house with garage is perfect for a small family. You can have a 2-story house, or turn the upper space into loft storage. You can find a barndominium big enough to make a garage without building an extension. The garage door is placed on the side, so it will not be seen next to the front door.

This is a great house if you only want two bedrooms with shared or en-suite bathrooms.

Traditional farmhouse mansion

barndominium texas

A farmhouse-style building is perfect for a lot of things. You can create a house that fits a growing family or starts a business place. Farmhouse-style barn home is a favorite building to create a restaurant, bed & breakfast, motel, or grocery store. While the look may be traditional, you can create new siding and exterior.

This plan may fit up to three bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms.

Barndominium with basement

Barndominium with basement – busianews.com

Many barndominium floor plans, including the prefab kits, have semi-basement space that you can use as a storage place. If the bottom part is half “buried,” you can create a parking space or extra storage place. Wood and shingles will give this house a great traditional look.

This plan is perfect for two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, plus a combination between kitchen and dining room.

75 Stylish Black Bedroom Ideas And Photos

Black is a bold and versatile choice for a room’s color scheme. From moody black walls to chic modern decor, the possibilities for a black room are endless. If you want to go dark with your bedroom design, these black bedroom ideas will help you.

We’ve gathered 75 black bedroom ideas featuring everything from distressed rustic furniture to Bohemian decor. Use the filters to help you find the perfect styles for your black bedroom. Once you have some ideas in mind, add your own touch to the room by adding personalized home decor pieces from our site.

Add your own twist to a classic black and white color scheme by using fun modern pieces of decor, like this eclectic hanging chandelier.

Photo credit: Bobby Berk Design

Make your black nightstand pop by adding on unique knobs. Take inspiration from this fun plant-themed nightstand featuring flower knobs and cactus decorations.

Photo credit: By Brittany Goldwyn

A black color scheme works perfectly in a bedroom with a brick wall. Attach industrial-style reading lamps to your wall and use a black bedspread for a modern look.

Photo credit: Camilla Molders

Hang a bright gold decoration above your bed to give your black bedroom a lovely sparkle. Match this decoration with a gold lamp.

Photo credit: Caroline Lima

Enhance the brightness in a room with black walls by using a white bedspread and bright red accents throughout the room.

Photo credit: Chad Jackson Photography

Decorate with a distressed black nightstand to give your black bedroom a rustic feel. For contrast, use white decor on the nightstand.

Photo credit: Chic California

Place gold-accented decor against a black wall for the perfect pop of color in your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Christine Dovey

Give your black bedroom a Bohemian feel by decorating with patterned pillows and blankets. Brighten up the room with a whimsical string of lights.

Photo credit: Coombs Design

Can’t find a dresser in the right color? Don’t be a afraid to paint your dresser black to match the rest of your bedroom.

Photo credit: Create and Babble

Use the colors in your favorite decorative pillow as the inspiration for your black bedroom’s color scheme.

Photo credit: Design Manifest

Fill tall black shelves with your favorite pieces of decor and art. Use shelves with glass bottoms to add brightness to your bedroom.

Photo credit: Duoventures

Use subtle pops of orange in your wall art and decorative pillows to add brightness to a room with black walls.

Photo credit: Ekin Erinch

Attach wheels to your dresser to make it easy to rearrange your furniture. Create a theme for your dresser, like this piece’s rustic theme.

Photo credit: Ferpie and Fray

Include lamps that work as statement pieces in your black bedroom. Use both unique hanging light fixtures and eclectic lamps on your bedside table.

Photo credit: Fresco Interiors Design

Pair a bold black headboard and black decor with white walls to add lightness to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Frock Files

Go monochrome in your bedroom by decorating a black bed with white decorative pillows. Include mirrors throughout your bedroom to add light to the room.

Photo credit: Haneen’s Haven

Don’t be afraid to go for bold modern patterns in your black bedroom’s wallpaper. Pair the wallpaper with mirrored decor and furniture for a unique look.

Photo credit: Haus Interior

Place fun pieces of art against your black walls for contrast. Use a bright bedspread to add more light to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: House of Rose

Stencil different patterns onto your black walls to add subtle pops of color. Complete the look with matching gold wall art.

Photo credit: Caitlin Wallace-Rowland, Icing on the Cake Blog

Decorate with a black and white striped carpet to give your black bedroom some modern flair. Pair the rug with a matching black bed frame.

Photo credit: Jana Carson

Create a bedroom that’s truly unique by using a headboard and a bedspread featuring your initials.

Photo credit: Phillip Esparza

Contrast black walls with colorful decorative pillows and bright black and white art pieces.

Photo credit: Jeanne Oliver Designs

Looking for black bedroom ideas for rooms with black walls? Fill the room with white furniture and decor for great contrast.

Photo credit: Jennifer Backstein Interiors

Give your bedroom an eclectic feel by decorating with whimsical illustrations, unique nightstands and patterned armchairs.

Photo credit: Krista Keltanen

Create contrast in your black bedroom by pairing black walls with a white rug and a white bedspread. Use pops of color in your room’s decor to add brightness.

Photo credit: Lesley W. Graham

Yellow is a wonderful accent color choice for your black bedroom. For a cohesive look, include pops of yellow on your bed and in the decor throughout your room.

Photo credit: Eric Roth Photography

Attach brass corner plates to the drawers on your black nightstand to add contrast to the furniture.

Photo credit: Love and Renovations

Pair bold black bookshelves with colorful decorations and plants for contrast. Include other fun decorations to make your bookshelves pop, like this room’s modern art.

Photo credit: Making It Lovely

Combine black walls with a pink bedspread for a lovely and colorful addition to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Making It Lovely

Decorate your black bedroom with a gorgeous nightstand that features a black and white marble top.

Photo credit: Marta Xochilt Perez

Paint thin gold stripes onto one of your black walls to add brightness to your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Maxine Schnitzer Photography

Create a fun modern black bedroom featuring polka dot and stripe patterns. To make the patterns work together, use the same colors in both patterns.

Photo credit: Meme Hill

Pair a gorgeous black and white bedspread with bright blue and orange pillows for the perfect unified look.

Photo credit: Modiano Design

Place a plush velvet bench at the end of your bed to add another dimension to your modern black bedroom.

Photo credit: Nicole White

Stage a beautiful vintage scene in your black bedroom by decorating a distressed black dresser with an antique piece of art.

Photo credit: Orphans With Makeup

Stain your dresser to give it an aged look. Add fun vintage decorations to the top of your dresser, like old signs and rustic decor.

Photo credit: Perfectly Imperfect

Create a gorgeous minimalistic design in your bedroom by using a black accent wall and simple black and white decor and decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Radion Photography

Get creative with the decorative pillows on your bed! Use pillows that feature different patterns, colors and shapes.

Photo credit: Red Agape Blog

Lighten up a black dresser by decorating with white candles. For more brightness, pair the black dresser with a white bedspread.

Photo credit: Redhead Can Decorate

Display black and white photos of famous stars to add vintage glam to your bedroom. Pair the photos with matching black and white striped walls.

Photo credit: Refashionably Late

Wrap a piece of brass fabric around the base of a white nightstand for the perfect contrast. Pair the nightstand with bold black walls and curtains.

Photo credit: Room For Tuesday

Go on a trip around the world in your bedroom by using decor and furniture from all different regions. Get inspired by this room’s lovely Asian-style dresser.

Photo credit: Sarah Bartholomew

Choose a fun black wooden bed frame that features unique designs. Pair the bold bed frame with a simple white bedspread.

Photo credit: Savvy Home Blog

If you just have a small amount of space between your bed and wall, decorate with a tiny side table. Use colorful decorations to make the small piece of furniture pop.

Photo credit: Splendor Styling

Turn your black walls into a canvas and paint on fun decorations that fit your unique style. Paint a border around your drawing to make it pop.

Photo credit: Stacey Cohen Design

Add brightness to your black bedroom with a cheery yellow lamp. Pair the lamp with matching decorative pillows.

Photo credit: Studio Ten 25

Give your bedroom a modern feel by using a minimalistic design featuring simple black and white decor and wall art.

Photo credit: Stylizmo Blog

Get creative with the color scheme in a room with black walls. Use pieces with the same accent colors throughout your room for a unified look.

Photo credit: Swoonworthy

Add some Bohemian flair to your black bedroom by decorating one of your walls with a colorful patterned piece.

Photo credit: The Brick House

Add texture to the space above your bed by decorating with abstract and three-dimensional pieces that match your color scheme.

Photo credit: The Decorista

Attach bright white moulding to your bedroom wall to another dimension to the room. Use two different paint colors on either side of the molding for a unique look.

Photo credit: Lil Luna

Give your monochrome bedroom depth by simply decorating your side table with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Photo credit: The Design Chaser

Use a glamorous golden bedframe to contrast with the dark walls in your black bedroom. Pair the bed frame with decor that features golden accent.

Photo credit: The Design Daredevil

Show your unique style by using one of your bookshelves as a place to display your favorite bright pieces of decor.

Photo credit: The Design Daredevil

Hang picture ledges above your dresser to create more space to show your favorite family photos and pieces of art.

Photo credit: The DIY Playbook

Use the animal kingdom as inspiration for the rug in your black bedroom. Include a rug that matches your furniture like this room’s zebra print piece.

Photo credit: The Heathered Nest

Decorate a black accent wall with a collection of different-sized bright white plates for a fun and unique statement piece.

Photo credit: The Nesting Game

Give your bedroom a regal feel by decorating your wall with a piece of gold decor. To make it stand out, use just one piece of decor.

Photo credit: The O’Donnell Collective

Paint the drawers on a black nightstand gray to add contrast to the piece. Add brightness by placing a colorful lamp on the nightstand.

Photo credit: The Painted House

Go for an all-black bedroom featuring a black bed, black walls and black decor. To lighten up this dark room, use beige or gold accents.

Photo credit: Tomas Frenes

Use patterned curtains to add another dimension to a bedroom featuring a solid-colored bedspread and nightstand.

Photo credit: View Along the Way

Turn your dresser into a statement piece for your bedroom by painting it black and attaching golden handles. Decorate with gold decor for another glam touch.

Photo credit: Vintage Refined

Create a theme for your wall art to give it a cohesive look. Get inspired by this room’s cute animal theme featuring a golden bear bust and illustrations of horses.

Photo credit: Yvonne Rock Photography

Hang black and white curtains around your headboard to create a unique decoration for your black bedroom.

Photo credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Attach bright white moulding to your bedroom wall to another dimension to the room. Use two different paint colors on either side of the moulding for a unique look.

Photo credit: Lil Luna

Use sparkling silver accents to make your black bedroom pop. Decorate with silver artwork and curtains and include a silver bedspread.

Photo credit: Jean Allsopp

40+ Genius Command Center Ideas to Get Your Household Organized

If you don’t have a family command center, what you have is a mess. Just keeping one part of your household running smoothly, let alone your entire household, can be next to impossible. And household members are rarely on the same page with one another.

Ready to get started?

1. Make use of your wall space.

Make use of your wall space.This is a great example of a family command center which makes use of very little in the way of desk space. Almost the entirety of the system is on the wall—there is even a cute little key holder on the wall! Notice the bright colors and the personal touches.

Source: unoriginalmom

2. Make pretty file folders to personalize your family command center.

Make pretty file folders to personalize your family command center.One wonderful way to spruce up a family command center is by creating beautiful customized folders for organizing. Click on the source link to find out how you can do it using plain old manila folders and contact paper.

Source: thehomesihavemade

3. Sometimes simplicity is all you need.

Sometimes simplicity is all you need.This family command center is entirely on the wall, and it is also entirely self-contained. As you can see, it is incredibly simple and minimal. But sometimes that is exactly what you need. You do not necessarily have to have everything in one place. Here you can quickly and easily check notes and grab what you need as you are going in or out of the house.

Source: pinterest

4. Make use of a small empty wall.

Make use of a small empty wall.This command center spans from floor to ceiling. But what really impresses me about it is its location. It is on a narrow bit of wall which most people would simply ignore. It just goes to show, there is no such thing as unusable space.

Source: sarahrosemary

5. Make use of cute baskets.

Make use of cute baskets.From a visual perspective, you’ve gotta love this command center. It’s got a lot of style. Aren’t those baskets adorable? And check out those custom labels she made … wow!

Source: domesticimperfection

6. Black and white makes for a nice clean look.

Black and white makes for a nice clean look.Who says you always need to go with the bright and colorful look? Sometimes a monochromatic command center with high contrasts yields a bold, stunning effect. Plus, it certainly looks neat and organized! There is nothing here to distract you.

Source: onecreativehousewife

7. Simplify your life.

Simplify your life.The sign above this pin board that says “Simplify” says it all. Is this a full-fledged command center to take care of all of your organizational needs? No, but it makes for a great bulletin board. If that is all you need, it would work great on its own. Otherwise, you could integrate it with a more comprehensive family command center. Find a tutorial at the source link.

Source: batchelorsway

8. Craft a wall organizer with a chalkboard.

Craft a wall organizer with a chalkboard.Here is a beautiful handcrafted wall organizer with a chalkboard incorporated. There is a place to hang your keys, and enough room for incoming and outgoing mail along with a few additional items. The chalkboard could be used for messages, but a cute design is a great idea too!

Source: littleredbrickhouse

9. Use a chalkboard for a calendar.

Use a chalkboard for a calendar.This command center shows an excellent use of a chalkboard to write out a weekly calendar. The letters denoting the weekdays are permanent, but you can erase and rewrite a new schedule every week. The envelopes for incoming and outgoing mail are also cute and simple.

Source: lovecreatecelebrate

10. Create a budget-friendly family command center.

Create a budget-friendly family command center.Need to create a comprehensive family command center, but on a tight budget? Visit the Simple As That blog to learn some great ideas for getting your family organized on a shoestring.

Source: simpleasthatblog

11. Hide your family command center inside a cabinet.

Hide your family command center inside a cabinet.This is a brilliant idea if you think that a family command center looks cluttered (no matter how organized it is, you still might not want to see scheduling, papers and the like). It is also a genius plan for making use of what little space you have if you live in a tiny house or apartment.

Source: twotwentyone

12. Make it minimalist.

Make it minimalist. This is not an idea for a full command center, but it is a really cool idea for a message board which you could integrate with one. A piece of glass has been painted a vibrant spring green. Dry erase markers can be used to write on the glass.

Source: bhg

13. Use pastel tones for a softer look.

Use pastel tones for a softer look.“Family command center” … it has a rather harsh military sound to it, doesn’t it? It makes you picture something on a battleship. Well, for a softer look and feel, consider using lovely pastel shades like this talented DIYer. Out of all the command centers I have seen, this one stands out from an aesthetic point of view.

Source: thecaldwellproject

14. Go for an industrial look and feel.

Go for an industrial look and feel.Here we have a chalkboard command center with some simple metal containers painted with industrial type. I love the beautiful simplicity of this system as well as the unique ambiance it creates.

Source: thewillowshomeandgarden

15. Use magnet boards and dry erase boards to get organized.

Use magnet boards and dry erase boards to get organized.Here is a great image which spells out exactly what you are looking at. I really like the inclusion of the magnet board! What a smart idea. It’s well worth clicking on the source link to check out other photos of this family command center.

Source: theclayfamilyblog

16. Go for a rustic look.

Go for a rustic look.The original source link on this one unfortunately seems to be broken, though it was posted on a site called Post Road Vintage. Everything about this command center is stylish, homey, and inviting! The mason jars, the flowers, the old-fashioned blackboard and the window frame with the distressed wood all combine for a lovely effect.

Source: decoratingyoursmallspace

17. Learn how to build your own message system.

Learn how to build your own message system.At the source link, you can view a detailed tutorial which teaches you how to build a message system like this. This particular example measures 30 x 22 inches. You can hang it up wherever you want—on a wall or a door. It would be easy to move if you ever decide to rearrange—very cool!

Source: simplykierste

18. Create a “hanging office.”

Create a “hanging office.”Previously I shared a great family command center which took advantage of a small, unused section of wall. Here is another one which does the same thing. Running from top to bottom, it offers a great way for family members to stay connected and organized, and it looks fantastic. Check the link for a tutorial.

Source: southernliving

19. Never gift up looking for ways to beautify and streamline your command center.

Never gift up looking for ways to beautify and streamline your command center.Here you can see a “before” and “after” for an upgraded command center. The original command center had some functionality, but it was probably pretty limited—and it certainly was not pretty to look at. The “after” photo is a world away from the “before” photo—it looks incredible!

Source: landeeseelandeedo

20. Keep everything neatly aligned for a clean look.

Keep everything neatly aligned for a clean look.There are two things that grab me about this particular command center. The first is that everything has been neatly lined up in an obvious grid, and this gives everything a tidy appearance. The second is the dark backdrop, which brings contrast to the entire zone, helping you instantly see where everything is.

Source: bhg

21. Here is an upgrade to the command center above.

Here is an upgrade to the command center above.Getting déjà vu looking at this image? That is because this is the exact same wall that was featured above! This is the updated version of it. Check the source link to visit the blog and find out more about the changes. As you can see, the neat grid has been abandoned to some extent, but the dark backdrop and high contrast remains.

Source: jennaburger

22. Here is an elegant, minimal command center.

Here is an elegant, minimal command center.There is not a whole lot to this command center—just a couple of wire bins, a corkboard, and a calendar along with a strip of blackboard. But do you really need more than this? Perhaps not!

Source: emersongreydesigns

23. Build a command center in your mudroom.

Build a command center in your mudroom.Have you noticed that a lot of the featured command centers in this list are in the kitchen? Don’t forget that there are other areas of your home which are also convenient for your family command center—like your mudroom! Here is a great photo of a mudroom command center which tells you what everything is—very helpful for planning your own command center.

Source: ourscribbledwalls

24. Here is a command center with a neat, simple look.

Here is a command center with a neat, simple look.Some command centers are designed with bold colors or high contrast to help them stand out—but this one seems to me like it was built to blend in. And you know what? It does so beautifully.

Source: atcharlotteshouse

25. Make a charging station for your entire family.

Make a charging station for your entire family.Have a bunch of electronic gadgets strewn around your command center? Get those smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players in order, and charge them while you’re at it! The source link teaches you everything you need to know to build a charging station for all your family’s devices.

Source: drivenbydecor

26. Think about lighting.

Think about lighting.There are a few things about this command center that I really like. The soft design elements, the neutral tones, and the adorable Parfitt family artwork at the top are all awesome. But what I want to point out is the light! A lot of command centers seem to have no lighting solution whatsoever. This one does, so it would serve you just as well in the middle of the night as it would during the daytime.

Source: homeheartharmony

27. Here is how to create a customized message board.

Here is how to create a customized message board.At the source link, you can view a tutorial which teaches you how you can create your own unique customized message board. One brilliant idea that went into this project is the use of personalized fabric. Check it out.

Source: tatertotsandjello

28. Add some fun personal embellishments.

Add some fun personal embellishments.What instantly draws the eye with this command center is the big letter “M,” which presumably stands for its designer’s last name, Mclain. Visually it really makes the entire design stand out, and it is a great homage to the family.

Source: jessicamclain

29. This command center uses bright, beautiful colors to create a cheerful look.

This command center uses bright, beautiful colors to create a cheerful look.This command center is just beautiful to look at, isn’t it? If you check the source link, you will find a lot of great advice regarding different functional and stylistic elements.

Source: lemonlimeadventures

30. Put your family command center in a corner.

Put your family command center in a corner.Here is a corner desk with a command center spread across two walls. The design element that really stands out here is the cute set of clipboards at the top with the chalkboard prints on them.

Source: aqualanedesign

31. Keep it cute and simple.

Keep it cute and simple.What an adorable command center this is! Every element has a touch of rustic style to it. The “hello” sign and the little wooden arrow are so cute, and check out that tiny plant in the diamond-shaped holder.

Source: pinterest

32. Make everyday count.

Make everyday count.This is a lovely command center, but what I really like about it is the sign that says “Make everyday count.” I especially like that it says everyday, not “every day.” Why? This sign emphasizes that it isn’t just each day that you should remember to value, but the simple wonder of everyday life. And that is what building a command center is all about—organizing and celebrating the more mundane aspects of running a home.

Source: pinterest

33. Here is another rustic command center.

Here is another rustic command center.Check it out—here is another rustic command center which incorporates a wooden arrow. Those seem to be quite popular right now. Notice that the hooks give it a purpose which is at once stylish and functional.

Source: instagram

34. Here is an idea for organizing your food calendar.

Here is an idea for organizing your food calendar.If you use your family command center to help you plan your meals for the rest of the week, here is a brilliant way to do it! This saves you from having to write everything out each week. Just switch the cards out as you need to.

Source: pinterest

35. Use different fonts.

Use different fonts.This menu system makes use of a clear piece of glass and a sharpie. It looks super cool of course, but what I want to draw your attention to is the way each day is written in a different font. This would take some time and effort, but it has two immediate benefits. The first is that it is cute to look at, and the second is that it is functionally easier to read in some ways. Each day stands out.

Source: lexiegay

36. Wood makes for a classy, elegant look.

Wood makes for a classy, elegant look.This command center stands out. The uniqueness of the setup seems to come from the material which was used—lots of wood. There is no weathered, timeworn look to this wood either; it isn’t a rustic command center. Instead, it looks classy, modern and sophisticated. This is such a clean, professional look it’d be great even in an office.

Source: pinterest

37. Follow this simple how-to guide to get started with your own command center.

Follow this simple how-to guide to get started with your own command center.At the source link, you’ll find a nice, quick tutorial on how to set up a command center of your own.

Source: simplyseptember

38. Create a magnetic menu board.

Create a magnetic menu board.Need more space and detail for your menu planning? Want to be able to plan out a month of meals at a time? One great way to do it is by making a magnetic menu board and coming up with a simple system of codes to help you plan. Check out the link.

Source: thehomesihavemade

39. Don’t forget to make good use of chalkboard paint.

Don’t forget to make good use of chalkboard paint.I’ll get back to showing off full command centers in just a bit, but I wanted to share one more menu planning idea. Don’t forget that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones—like chalkboard paint!

Source: pearls-handcuffs-happyhour

40. Here is one more menu idea you can integrate into your command center.

Here is one more menu idea you can integrate into your command center.This menu organizing system involves clothespins and meals on pieces of paper which you can change in and out. Aren’t the clothespins cute? Visit the link below for free printables.

Source: lifesweetlifeblog

41. Check out one more beautiful chalkboard organizer.

Check out one more beautiful chalkboard organizer.This chalkboard organizer is being used for menu planning for the week, but it occurs to me that it would also work well for organizing family chores or even just recording everyone’s schedules for the week.

Source: fussymonkeybiz

42. Here is all the stuff you might want to include in your family command center.

Here is all the stuff you might want to include in your family command center.By now you have had a chance to see just how much variation there is from one command center to the next in terms of what is included. If you are having a hard time figuring out what you need for yours, here is a checklist to help you plan.

Source: creatingmaryshome

43. Build a dry erase calendar.

Build a dry erase calendar.A simple dry erase board in a pretty frame can work great as a calendar in your command center. If you follow the source link, you’ll see that the DIYer who created this one has the template for sale on Etsy.

Source: darlingdoodlesdesign

44. A few pops of color in an otherwise monochromatic system can have a beautiful effect.

A few pops of color in an otherwise monochromatic system can have a beautiful effect.For the most part, this system blends right into the wall, but a few splotches of bright, cheery yellow give it an inviting, homey feel.

Source: potterybarn

45. Everything can stand out against the right backdrop color.

Everything can stand out against the right backdrop color.Perhaps all the walls in this house are gray (it looks that way). In any case, the gray offsets everything in this command center beautifully. So if you are setting up a command center on a small section of wall, you might even want to consider painting the wall first.

Source: pinterest

46. Here is another beautifully inspiring command center design.

Here is another beautifully inspiring command center design.There are no unique ideas here I have not already showcased earlier in the list, but it’s such a lovely command center I had to show it off.

Source: theturquoisehome

47. Choose inspirational quotes.

Choose inspirational quotes.The blogger who created this command center talks about how much thought she put into the “Follow your arrow” sign. This is a great reminder that your command center is there not just to organize, but to inspire!

Source: theeverydaywarrior

48. Use super high contrast to make your calendar or menu stand out.

Use super high contrast to make your calendar or menu stand out.The original post is gone, but the image has been saved by One Good Thing by Jillee. The menu instantly demands attention because of the high contrast colors. Very nice! Check the post to see Jillee’s command center and some others she has collected as well.

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee

49. Insert corkboard into an old frame.

Insert corkboard into an old frame.The lovely, simple clean look of this command center is commendable. An otherwise plain corkboard really looks beautiful when inserted into an old painted frame. This is an easy way to make your command center look more homey or rustic.

Source: jenniferciani

50. Build your own front entrance command center with free printable plans.

Build your own front entrance command center with free printable plans.You can always depend on the talented ladies at Shanty 2 Chic to come up with a brilliant tutorial for any project—including a command center! Check out the video and download the free printable plans at the source link to build your own.

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