20+ Guest Bathroom Ideas to Amaze Your Visitors

Some people think they don’t really need some guest bathroom ideas to make it more interesting. Because this bathroom is one of the least-used rooms in the house, it would only be used when you have some visitors to stay for the night.

But, when the time comes, this bathroom suddenly gets in the spotlight. It would be troublesome for you if you don’t prepare a well-designed bathroom. You have to design the guest bathroom that can go with anyone.

Anyway, the holidays are coming. Some of your guests might be ready to visit your house. Some members of your big family such as parents-in-law and colleagues, need to be served as a special person. Well, there are only a few days left to ramp up the bathroom for guest.

1. Decorative Stone Wall Tile

Guest Bathroom Ideas Decorative Stone Wall Tile - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Decorative Stone Wall Tile

It’s a stunning choice to create a focal point in the bathroom. The sunlight from the window exposes the texture of the stone wall tile even more. That makes this guest bathroom more interesting

This small bathroom has a complete element. The modern bathroom vanity set looks enormous. It stands itself as the main furniture in this bathroom.

2. Bathroom Design with Patterned Wall Tile

Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom Design with Patterned Wall Tile - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom Design with Patterned Wall Tile

Check out this impressive guest bathroom. It’s got an unusual design of wall tile. From this point of view, it looks like a stone brick wall but it’s actually a mosaic bathroom wall tile. It’s applied only around the wall area of vanity.

Besides the tiled wall, three shelves above the toilet offer more space to store your bathroom items like towel and others. To spread a natural atmosphere, some potted plants have to be included in the wall decor.

3. Wall Tile and Bricked Wall Combo

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wall Tile and Bricked Wall Combo - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Wall Tile and Bricked Wall Combo

Inside the walk-in shower, you can enjoy an interesting view of a combination of wall tiles and brick wall. The modern and natural feelings look like a perfect combination for a bathroom.

Inside the walk-in shower, it uses pebbles flooring that improves the natural value of this bathroom. As a bathroom for guest, this is more than enough.

4.  Half Bathroom Stone Wall

Guest Bathroom Ideas Half Bathroom Stone Wall - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Half Bathroom Stone Wall

For the record, this is the real stone wall accent you can get for your bathroom. It’s something that could steal the show inside the guest bathroom in your house. The visitor would be amazed by the mood you build for this bathroom.

The hanging light pendants are very supportive to light up the stone wall accent and it makes the texture appeared beautifully. With the sink, it’s furniture that connects modern to vintage.

5. European Minimalist Style

Guest Bathroom Ideas European Minimalist Style - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas European Minimalist Style

It’s something you should have for your guest bathroom. It looks like a bathroom you find in a luxurious 4-star hotel. The European style can be flexible for any kind of bathroom.

6. Elegant Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest Bathroom Ideas Elegant Guest Bathroom Ideas - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Elegant Guest Bathroom Ideas

Check out this stylishly elegant design for your bathroom. You can update your guest bathroom to get it more comfortable and relaxing. The cool color scheme in this bathroom offers a stunning vibe into the mix. It’s one of the interesting bathroom color ideas.

The floor and wall tile work together to set a fantastic atmosphere for your visitor. The sense of cool and warm are blended together in one room.

7. A Modern Meets Industrial Style

Guest Bathroom Ideas A Modern Meets Industrial Style - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas A Modern Meets Industrial Style

Some of the wall tile designs are just looking like a painted wall. But, the designer of this bathroom decided to play with the thin space between the tiles. The black lines applied all over the bathroom. It creates a remarkable vibe around the bathroom.

Some other accentual black elements like the mirror frame, shower cover frame, faucet, baseboard for lighting, and that ceiling level pipe. It’s got dark black flooring to dim the brightness in this guest bathroom.

8. Small Bathroom with Bathtub

Guest Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom with Bathtub - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom with Bathtub

Having bathtub in a small bathroom might be a waste of space. But, giving the best service to your visitor is more important, right?

So, you don’t have to worry about the space when dealing with bathtub in your bathroom. A small bathtub won’t be a problem to be installed. It let you save some space for other activities in the guest bathroom.

9. Chic Guest Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Chic Guest Bathroom Design - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Chic Guest Bathroom Design

A warm and beautiful design is applied to this bathroom. You don’t need a bright neutral color scheme to make a relaxing bathroom.

This warm color scheme would also help you relax your body. The elegant ambiance would bring your guest into a high level of comfort. A high drape is very useful to cover your shower space for more privacy.

10. White Subway Tile Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas White Subway Tile Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas White Subway Tile Bathroom

This is a trendy design you can apply in the guest bathroom. Some people might think that a small-spaced bathroom can’t be having too much on the wall. This small bathroom shows no problem with it. As you can see, there are many things going on the wall.

There are black towel hooks, black wired baskets, subway tile, wall niches, and some others. But, it’s still looking great without having a cramped feeling. I guess, you just have to know how to manage the decoration of the wall.

11. Modern Subway Tile for Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Modern Subway Tile for Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Modern Subway Tile for Bathroom

This is one of the special ideas you can apply in your guest bathroom. This bathroom idea seems to be better for a master bathroom because of its unique industrial style.

The subway style tile itself is already a show stealer in this bathroom. We also have to look at other elements in this bathroom. Check out how the designer can make all of the black frames and structures work well with gold faucet and shower tap.

12. Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom with Wooden Vanity - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

This bathroom is so different from the previous idea. As you can see, the shower wall tile has a subway tile without the black lines. It’s because the tile’s attraction is on the flooring tile. The interesting pattern all over the floor increase the value of this bathroom

Take a look at the wooden vanity. Besides the patterned flooring, the vanity is also the highlight of this bathroom. Even though the design of these two elements is so contrast, it offers such uniqueness to the bathroom.

13. Simple Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Guest Bathroom Ideas Simple Neutral Bathroom Ideas - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Simple Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Neutral colors are the most favorite color scheme in the bathroom. People like the guest bathroom design to be simple. Because it’s going to be used by some different people, a simple design of the room is going to be loved by everyone. So, it’s the safest choice to go.

This one is the example of a simple bathroom design. The combination of white and gray is already the safest option for the bathroom. The wall decor becomes something to enjoy there.

14. Wood Grain Tile Floor in the Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wood Grain Tile Floor in the Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Wood Grain Tile Floor in the Bathroom

Having wooden flooring in the bathroom is not recommended by some designers, especially if you spill a lot of water while using the bathroom. Well, you can choose a wood grain tile. It looks like wood but it’s actually tile.

Quote. It’s a solution to your problem. A floor tile would be easy to clean and it won’t be troublesome for you. Besides the flooring, the rest of the color in this bathroom is white accentuated by black items.

15. Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Scandinavian Bathroom Design - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Scandinavian Bathroom Design

One of the unique styles that become the favorite choice for interior design is Scandinavian. People love this tile because it looks festive and fun. Take a look at this fun bathroom. There are a lot of things going on this bathroom.

It’s got a patterned high wall and wide vanity design with open shelves. This Scandinavian bathroom is supported by great-looking wall decor. The hanging bulbs look unmatched with the style, thanks to the ceiling for supporting the bulb.

16. Steampunk Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Steampunk Bathroom Design - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Steampunk Bathroom Design

A steampunk touch can really buck up the appearance of the minimalist bathroom. The use of metallic color in this bathroom is the most suitable steampunk color that works with modern bathroom design.

Quote. Some mosaic tiles on the floor and wall mixed with gray tile for a color scheme of this bathroom. The tile design becomes the focal point that owns a subtle industrial nuance for the bathroom.

Other Guest Bathroom Ideas

17. Relaxing Small Gray Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Relaxing Small Gray Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Relaxing Small Gray Bathroom

This small bathroom has pretty decor that you can copy. In the middle of this gray-white color, they add yellow charm with that rug and accessories above the toilet. It’s just a small update you can do to change the atmosphere in a small bathroom.

From this point of view, the size of this bathroom is so small. Although, it has a complete element as a powder room because it’s missing the bathtub or shower area.

You can design your guest bathroom based on the space you have in your house. You can take the design and decoration idea from this bathroom.

18. Beautiful Traditional Gray Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Beautiful Traditional Gray Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Beautiful Traditional Gray Bathroom

Having a tile inset feature in the middle of the flooring is quite trending nowadays. This bathroom is designed by 3Sixty Designs. It’s got a small marble tile in the middle of the flooring. It creates the illusion of a rug in the bathroom.

It’s a great option for a guest bathroom that has a large or medium size. This inset feature would offer a nice focal point for the bathroom.

19. Attractive Shower Curtain for Rustic Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Attractive Shower Curtain for Rustic Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Attractive Shower Curtain for Rustic Bathroom

For a rustic bathroom, it can be looking more attractive with that shower curtain. It’s got a textured appearance to would add character to your bathroom.

That black star on the high wall offers a powerful scene to catch. It’s a simple wall decor, but it gives a big impact. If your parents or parents-in-live visit you a lot, they would definitely enjoy this bathroom.

20. Rustic Makeover for Modern Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Rustic Makeover for Modern Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Rustic Makeover for Modern Bathroom

Adding rustic decor to a modern bathroom is not an impossible thing to do. This one, for example, has an interesting makeover to give an updated look to your bathroom for a low budget.

Look at that rustic wood frame of the mirror. You can have it at a cheap price. Then, there’s a simple green plant in a used bottle for accessories.

21. Complete Set of Small Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Complete Set of Small Guest Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Complete Set of Small Guest Bathroom

All of the elements in this bathroom is something you can rely on. An outstanding light fixture setting the right ambiance at night, and white bathroom vanity that are strikingly stunning, would be ready for you.

Some flowers would be necessary to splash more colors in this bathroom. The rest of the elements like the toilet, floating cabinet, and walk-in shower were there standing perfectly as the way they are.

22. Wainscoting in a Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wainscoting in a Bathroom - Harptimes.com
Guest Bathroom Ideas Wainscoting in a Bathroom

A vintage style is always an available option you can have for your guest bathroom. Some designers would avoid wainscoting in a bathroom because it’s not really deserved to be spilled by a lot of water since most wainscoting ideas are using wood.

This bathroom also got a wooden floor which is avoided by any homeowner. But, if you managed to handle this kind of bathroom, it would be no problem. It looks beautiful anyway.

20+ Color Ideas and Fabric Patterns for Cool Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen is second home for the woman, thus, as possible as the woman can, the kitchen are arranged beautifully and cleanly. Without floor, curtain also can be the main part to manage. There are several kitchen curtains ideas that you can find in the magazine or even by browsing on the internet.

Color and fabric are the main part in this ‘game’. Just mix them and create something new over them in your kitchen. Then you will feel amazed and satisfied seeing the result on your kitchen.

Folded Curtain Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Many variations of home interior are welcome for any house. No exception is curtain. Folded curtain is the best idea for limited area of your kitchen but you want to add something different in your house. Use bright color for the curtain material thus your kitchen looks clearer and attractive.

Nice Color Combination

image souce : pinterest.com

Simple pattern and form of the curtain is suggested by many home designers. The usage of color concord with the wall makes the kitchen comfortable to use.

Pastel Color For Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Bring soft color is one of kitchen curtains inspirations that can be used. Pink and light brown is nice combination that is matched with the house interior. You can make it as long as the window length. Don’t forget to consider the color of wall painting in the kitchen.

Rope Hanging Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Don’t be confused in making your curtain becomes tidier. Just take a rope and is folded by pulling it up. Plain color is nice choice for your kitchen to bring cleanliness nuance. Clean is an important need to bring into our kitchen.

Balinese Fabric Pattern

image source : pinterest.com

The black and white combination in the squared pattern will produce new scenery in your kitchen. You can make this eye-catching curtain by harmonizing the curtain and the white painted wall. Make this black and white curtain from light material fabric thus the circulation on the kitchen is still maintained.

Transparent Tile Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Just think about the circulation of the kitchen if you do use this curtain. Don’t think too much about the fabric used. But, you can choose the light material for it. The matching curtain color may help the concord of the whole part of your kitchen.

Arrow Curtain Kitchen Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Unique shape may bring many attractions for the guests. This asymmetry shape and tie truly show the difference idea about common curtain shape. Put it on and your kitchen becomes wonderful part than other parts of your house.

Sweet Color Combination Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Well, sweet thing goes sweet condition. Adding sweet ornaments such as curtain contributes different atmosphere. The gray and pink polka dot shows that the kitchen is wider and clean. That’s great choice of color and looks such as comfort kitchen to visit all the time.

Colorful Squared Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Use colorful combination is absolutely okay for your kitchen. It is because the colors will not ruin someone’s obsession in cooking. In contrast, color makes someone feels passionate in being in the kitchen.

Classic Transparent Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Transparent fabric is great ideas for your kitchen windows accessory. The benefit of it, you can see what happened behind the curtain. The air flow circulation is better that we use the color fabric. This curtain will make the kitchen feels a bit classic like early ‘90.

Ribbon Tied Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Another sweet thing in your kitchen, why not? The previous was about the color, this is ribbon. Wide window and ribbon tied curtain is fabulous combination. It is unique creativity. You can create it properly.

Wider Fabric Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

The wider patterns in the fabric bring many benefits. First, it will make the small area kitchen becomes wider too. Next, it’s just for nice and unique combination in compare with the common things inside the kitchen, such as: white painted wall, brown wooden furniture, and so on.

Flourish Folded Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Take lively color in the kitchen is also good. Some kitchen, sometimes, only have one color for painting and the furniture. Use flourish curtain that is folded in the bottom clearly bring new nuance in your kitchen.

Mini Chic Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Short curtain is meant simplicity. Simplicity is in the fabric used and design. This is a nice curtains design, that are recommended for any kitchen which has problem in cleanliness. You don’t have to wash this curtain every day because of the dirt.

Solid Color Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Red is never wrong to be the curtain color choice. The red will show firmness but elegant one. The firmness is depended to the pattern on the fabric. Big pattern is absolutely meant strong and firm. The small pattern gives calmness and quietness look.

Patch Curtain Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Don’t forget about this kind of curtain. This is a patch curtain with medium transparent fabric. You can use many colors you want, just make sure that the fabric is suitable with the kitchen. Stick it the patch curtain and you don’t have to fold it.

Marbles Tassel Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

It is quite easy to make the tassel. You can sew the fabric marbles on the plain colored fabric. Then, choose correct combination between the marbles and the fabric. It’s simple but produce an elegant look for a curtain.

Cartoon Characters’ Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Are you fan of Elsa? If yeses, please make creation on your kitchen curtain with Elsa look. Choose the printing fabric of many cartoon characters. This will make your daughter feeling like home when she gets in the kitchen.

Formal Look Curtain In White Blue

image source : pinterest.com

What’s wrong with formal look for the kitchen? It’s pretty enough to use there. Measure and fit the height of the kitchen’s window for the curtain. It’s better to make it short-cutting curtain to show the clean impression kitchen.

Coral Blue Diagonal Pattern

image source : pinterest.com

Blue is always favorite color for many things especially kitchen curtains. Blue curtain bring the sea nuance and its surrounding. It is calm and soft color. It is also fit too much furniture in the house, especially kitchen.

25+ Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Low Maintenance)

Below, you will see amazing ideas about landscaping. All of them are created by those who really love making the yard look fantastic.

1. Cheerful Floral Border and Window Boxes

front yard corner lot landscaping ideas

This design is suitable for those who are cheerful. It is very simple yet is able to make your mood stable. You can choose any flowers you like. The paint does not have to be grey.

You can paint the wall in whatever color you want. The real purpose is to brighten your mood since you open the windows in the morning.

2. Mini Water Feature Entryway

drought tolerant front yard landscaping ideas

Water is everything we need. This element is very good to bring you life. Moreover, it has the power to bring the cool energy into your house. It starts from the front yard.

This design is created based on feng shui. Your home nuance will not get hot. It will stay cool like water. Peace starts from the front house.

3. Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow

sloped front yard landscaping ideas

The ancient and traditional wooden wheel is the key to this unique design. It is like you live in a village. The philosophy behind this old-school idea is the calmness of the village.

If you live in a city, this design will bring you calmness as you live in a village. The flowers have to be contrasted with each other.

4. Classic Boxwood Edged Pathway

small front yard landscaping ideas with rocks

The point of this design is cleanness. The edged stony path has to be clean all the time. The designer hopes that clean and positive energy will come to your house from the front over the path.

It will be better if the stony path is quite white or bright. The plants around it will balance the oath. They have to be green.

5. Multi-Season Flowerbed with Annuals and Evergreens

landscaping ideas for small front yard

This amazing design is loved by happy people. The idea is that you bring the power of the whole seasons in a year to the front yard if your house. The flowers have to be colorful and vivid.

They will balance the grass. It can give you remarkable energy they can boost your mood throughout the day. The energy is very strong.

6. Easy-to-Update Potted Border

ideas for front yard landscaping without grass

This lovely design is blended with a small garden. You can combine it with pebbles, small stones, and clay pots. The water supply can make this decoration alive.

If you stand or sit near it, your body will absorb the energy. When summer comes, make sure you water the site carefully. It must not get dried.

7. Showy Succulent Stone Planters

stone landscaping ideas for front yard

Stones are remarkable. They are powerful and exotic. The combination of the stone pot, grass, ivy, and flowers can produce tremendous positive energy.

You can recharge your body, mind, and soul by sitting near them. Feng shui says that the stones which are taken from the virgin river are able to cast negative energy aside.

8. Low Maintenance Evergreen Border with a Pop of Color

front yard landscaping ideas with stones

This good idea comes from my friend. The point is that you place vivid flowers among other plants. The green ones are a perfect combination to create an amazing look and natural energy.

The touch of green grass is the perfection towards this idea. Not only that, you need to place black pebbles around them.

9. Clematis Climbing Wall

small front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

Your front wall will look gorgeous if you attach some plants on it. The core of the idea is to unite your house with nature in this case, flowers and ivies. The heat of the sunlight will heat up your wall.

Plainly, your house will look cool and peaceful outside. The good energy of the plants will cover up the entire house.

10. Upcycled Vintage Bicycle Planter

small front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance

The ancient stuff will always be in people’s heart. The old-fashion bike can be used to decorate the front yard.

Add some plants, flowers, and wood basket on it. The old look is peaceful and calming for your nerves. This is so classic.

Some nostalgic feeling will make your day wonderful. If you are an old soul, then this idea is good for you.

11. Circular Shade-Loving Annuals Flower Bed

desert landscaping ideas front yard

The decoration will be successful if you place lovely colorful flowers. The circle symbolizes endless energy. If you can make it under a big tree, the result is unbelievable.

You can meditate near it and absorb the tremendous energy. The combination of a big tree and beautiful flowers in a stone circle can make you energized all day long.

12. Modern Industrial Cinderblock Planter Bed

cheap landscaping ideas for front yard

Stone, green plant, water, and fish are the perfect combination for front yard decoration. The fish give you animal energy. The water is the sustainer of life. The green plants are the balancer.

While the stone is the unifier. If you add some pebbles under the pond, you will have extra energy to take. Front yard landscaping ideas on a budget have this idea.

13. Rustic Wagon Plant Stand

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

A used wagon can make your front yard look classic. It will bring the nuance of village, rural area, remote area, and old-school tradition. You can paint it blue or yellow or whatever you like.

This idea has a lot of fans worldwide. If you can find one, you can buy the new one. If one wagon is not enough, you can place a few more. Simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget are the origin of this idea.

14. Lush Hydrangeas and Hostas

diy front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

This design gives you more oxygen, fresher look and possibly butterflies. The idea is to place a lot of green leaves and fragrant flowers in the front yard. This looks luxurious and gorgeous.

If you are lucky, some butterflies and other insects will come by and enliven the atmosphere. Your yard will look like a king’s yard. Small front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance have this idea.

15. Water-Wise Western Water Feature

low maintenance landscaping ideas front yard

This is the ultimate design for the front yard. Bring the joy of colorful flowers, the purest fresh water, natural atones and the greenest plants to the front yard and be the king or the queen.

There is so much energy that you can harness from it. The chi is unbelievably strong. You will live like forever and healthy if your front yard looks like this. Front yard landscaping ideas low maintenance create this idea.

16. Elegant Mediterranean Inspired Fountain Bed

front yard landscaping ideas pictures
vertical store.co

The tropical look is all that you need for a front yard.

A small pond, fresh water, stone ball on the top of it, the circle of plants, stone tiles, clay vases, and sunlight are the stuff that transforms your life for good.

The power of natural stuff is remarkable. This idea comes from my friend who lives on a tropical island. Front yard landscaping ideas in Florida contain this idea.

17. Easy Care Evergreen Entryway

simple front yard landscaping ideas pictures

Green means nature, health and rejoice. If you want to have a better life, start it with an amazing design for your front yard. Look at the picture! It is very amazing.

Even a king does not have one. It looks ancient, simple and wet. Add some dirt worm to create good habitat and ecosystem. Good soil is the key. Front yard landscaping ideas Texas is the source of this idea.

18. Modern Stepped Beds Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

The look of this design is modern, Greek, god-like, European and green. This idea comes from Greece. If you like some stuff from the Greek, then this one is for you.

The stone comes from the ancient mountain from the north. It will survive the apocalypse. The positive energy of the stone is huge.

The steps can make you healthy if you step on them every day. Front yard landscaping ideas pictures give birth to this idea.

19. Rustic Log Planters Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Utah Style

front yard landscaping ideas with rocks

Grab some wood log, especially the decayed one, to make a uniquely natural pot. Your plants will love it. The wood log is the ideal medium to grow plants. You can make mushroom grow on it.

Make sure there is no termite inside. This is my favorite idea. The log can be found in the forest, wood shops or in the river flow. Front yard landscaping ideas Utah is the origin of this idea.

20. Porch Full of Petunias Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Drought Tolerant

small front yard landscaping ideas

Different color of flowers is the foundation of this idea. The porch with petunias is very nice to have. Ask your friends to make one. Be creative and let the world see your creativity.

Even though it looks simple but people love it a lot, especially in America. Make sure you maintain the decoration to get the best look every day. Front yard landscaping ideas drought tolerant are suitable for this idea.

21. Cactus-Free Desert Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Palm Trees

rock landscaping ideas for front yard

This is the combination of desert look and savanna look. You will feel the warmth of the desert night. It looks elegant and calm. Even though cactus is chosen here, you still need to water it regularly.

22. Tree Stump Planter Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Ranch Style Homes Pictures

landscaping ideas front yard

Mostly, people will get rid of a tree stump. Actually, we can use it as part of front yard decoration. This comes from my friend who works as a carpenter. He is very creative.

The stump will look fantastic if you add some green plants and colorful flowers around. Butterflies love it a lot. Front yard landscaping ideas for ranch style homes pictures create this idea.

23. Coleus and Hosta “Flower” Beds For Front Yard Landscaping Ideas No Grass

simple front yard landscaping ideas

This is a bed of flowers. Even though it looks like an Asian tomb, some people like it very much. Probably, they do not know that it really looks like a tomb. This bed needs a lot of water since it has a lot of plants.

The soil has to be fertile. When summer comes, many insects will come by to take some vacation. Front yard landscaping ideas no grass contain this idea.

24. Structured Evergreen Garden Beds With Colorful Planters

landscaping ideas for front yard

The stone tiles are so amazing. They look ancient and simple. The energy comes from the combination of the stone floor and green grass. You can add some pot on the corner with contrast flowers in it.

Some people want a simple front yard. If you are one of those, this idea is perfect for you. Front yard landscaping ideas Arizona have this one.

25. Mini Mailbox Flower Bed For Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

front yard landscaping ideas

Even though nowadays traditional mailing becomes very rare. You can still have it as a decoration for the front yard. Add your house number on it.

Not only that, the presence of colorful flowers can make it beautiful and unique. Even Santa Clause will come by to give a Christmas letter. This is one of front yard landscaping ideas in Arizona.

15+ Easy DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

Need some affordable as well as very easy ideas for decorating your empty walls? Think straightforward and quick DIY wall surface art as well as canvas painting ideas, then take a look at these awesome ideas to discover exactly how.

From artistic modern canvases to rustic chic seek your vintage farmhouse design, you are sure to discover several trendy tasks to contribute to your weekend “to make” list.

Some of these very easy canvas paints can be done in under a hr, and a lot of them are low-cost, too. Having no time at all or no cash as an excuse just will refrain.

Take a look at the simple to follow step by step tutorials with guidelines as well as pictures to find out exactly how to make these cool artwork ideas for your walls.

Decorate your bed room, living area, bathroom, cooking area, all those empty wall surfaces in your residence that have been begging you to add some imaginative flair to them.

Abstract Quote Canvas Painting

Situate a quote that talks with you and also stencil the letters on pieces of tape. Adhere the letters to your canvas. Select a mix of paint tones as well as repaint them on the canvas in substantial strokes.

Pixel Painting Ideas

Layout a pixelated pattern by generating a grid of colors that coincide shade. Draw equal-sized squares throughout the surface area of your canvas, afterwards paint each square a slightly various tone. Your professional-looking painting could be waited for a living-room, room or office.

Simple Watercolor Painting

Simple Watercolor Painting. Simple- yes, that’s the thing we are focused on so you can craft yourself a desired and splendid watercolor painting. First of all, hats off to you since you showed interest and courage to try hands-on with messy watercolors.

Canvas with Color Palette Painting Combination

The easiest place to get colors from your photos. Combine colors scheme that perfectly matches your favorite images

Abstract Canvas Painting Ideas

If you’ve just painted your home and you need artwork that coordinates with the new color scheme, this is a perfect project for you–and it’s really simple!

DIY Easy Canvas Painting

Diy art, you have to try combine color to make it simple and eye catching.

Blank Walls? Try This Simple One

Image Source: pinterest.com

Need some cheap and easy ideas for decorating your blank walls? Think simple and quick DIY wall art and canvas painting ideas #artprints

I Think you Have to Try This One

Cute and funny diy kitchen decor. Acrylic paint on small canvas kitchen quote. What the fork is for dinner?

Use Colored Canvas and Give it Quote with Little Ilustration

diy home decor ideas with canvas and pictures | Cute Easy Canvas Painting Ideas Diy canvas painting

Delight Your Senses for Beginner with Great Result

Delight Your Senses With Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

DIY Abstract Painting Canvas

Its totally not hard to try. even you haven’t sense of art I think you can do it.

DIY Canvas Painting for Beginer

We bring the Best Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners who has that artist to throw colors canvas art on the sheet portraying the thoughts running into canvas wall art. Read more » #paintingideas #painting #canvasart #canvas

Super Easy Canvas Painting

Super Easy DIY Canvas Painting Ideas For Artistic Home Decor

Motivation Quote Canvas Painting

Great Quote to decorate your wall space.

Easy Quote Canvas Painting


Tree Wall Art Painting Decoration

Need some cheap and easy ideas for decorating your blank walls? Think simple and quick DIY wall art and canvas painting ideas #canvas

Lion Acrylic Painting

80 Easy Acrylic Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners

Sprinkle Art

Cover a canvas with paint to ensure that it’s one strong shade, afterwards splatter vivid shades throughout the surface. Create this DIY job outside to ensure the paint does not splash on anything important in your house.

DIY Sea Canvas Painting

Bring the shore right to your living room or bedroom. Brush your canvas uniformly with blues as well as environment-friendlies for a very easy sea painting.

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25 Cool White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas That Blow Your Mind

There are 25 ideas of antique white kitchen cabinets you can explore and get inspired by this article. The color of white is not really often to appear in the antique house. The sense of antique tends to be in natural colors such as wooden brown.

If you really like your kitchen to be elegant and versatile, the white scheme seems like a great choice. Kitchen cabinet is the important elements in the kitchen. It provides the most functionality in the room. So, you have to consider choosing the perfect design for your antique kitchen.

1. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Take a look at this vintage white kitchen design. It looks beautiful and stylish. Using some antique design of cabinets, this kitchen’s style looks sophisticated and stunning. You can match your white elements with any color of decorations.

White goes well with other. You don’t have to be confused when dealing with the color combination when the main color is white. As you can see in this kitchen design with antique white kitchen cabinets, the countertop gives little sparks to balance the whites.

2. Antique White Kitchens

Antique White Kitchens
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The antique white kitchen cabinets in this kitchen are using a Neo-classical concept. The doors of the cabinets have some stunning features that are good to get the kitchen less boring. There is some mounted glass on the top of the cabinets. It can reflect the light from the lamp.

This cabinet design looks ready to spread the vintage feel all over the kitchen. Actually, with that antique white kitchen cabinets, and that beige backsplash and floorings, you won’t need another thing to accentuate like that black kitchen island.

3. Simple White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Most people want their house to be simple. The key to a great kitchen design is simplicity and efficiency. So, the workflow would be effective for the cooks. This simple white kitchen cabinet really matches to a classic design.

As you can see, The impression of antique is also supported by that lighting pendant above the windows. Having those lightings between the antique kitchen cabinets really make a great appearance.

4. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Chocolate Glaze

white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Small but luxurious, that’s what you got from this stunning kitchen design. Those antique white kitchen cabinets seems a good match with chocolate glaze. The paint of that kitchen cabinet doesn’t look like it’s in pure white.

There are some a bit of mixing in the painting. As a result, you will have a nice solid color of white which is a little bit closer to a gray shade.

5. Best Paint Color For Off  White Kitchen Cabinets

antique kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This off-white kitchen design using one of the antique white kitchen cabinets with French doors design. The clean and elegant design of this space is provided by some of the elements, that Scandinavian wood floors, and kitchen cabinet design.

That black granite countertop provides the dark color that we need inside a bright room. The only antique decoration and addition of this kitchen is that Faucet on the sink.

6. Best Granite Color For Antique White Cabinets

kitchen storage cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Installing a white kitchen cabinet doesn’t have to make the kitchen all white. You can have the flooring to be in dark warm colors. The walls and the backsplash are there in dark grey and beige color to make an accent for that pure white kitchen cabinet.

7. Granite Countertops White Cabinets

distressed kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

It’s not that hard to find the perfect countertop for your antique white kitchen cabinets. To add some classical vibes, this granite countertop is the perfect one. It has a distinctive pattern that matches the color scheme.

Some decoration like that white flower makes a lovely addition to the cooking area. The vintage backsplash design using all-beige ceramic tile backsplash. The antique ambiance in the kitchen gets supported by the warm floorings design.

8. Kitchens White Antique U-Shaped

white antique cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

A U shaped kitchen is great for antique white kitchen cabinets. The fantastic balance and proportion make it an ideal choice for your kitchen design. If you’re used to doing the cooking in ordinary kitchen concept, in this one would be quite different.

The cooking workflows are in the middle. The triangle concept of cooking would be very effective in this kitchen design. The countertops are using wood instead of granite. Maybe, the designers want to express the concept of antique in this kitchen.

9. Off White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite Countertops

distressed white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

There are three options you can to take in order to accentuate your antique white kitchen cabinets. The first one is with the countertops color and material. The second one is the floorings make sure the color is different with the cabinets. The third one is the backsplash.

As you can see in this kitchen design. The countertops, flooring, and the backsplash are in the darker shades of color. That is the most used way of balancing the room atmosphere.

10. Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

If you go real antique, this one must be your choice. It provides you with some time-worn furniture that looks rustic and ready to impress any antique fans. The traditional neutral tone that it has, complete those antique white kitchen cabinets.

The old stove and its concept look extremely antique. It’s like a design that comes from the past. You don’t need to repaint this kitchen, or you will lose its pure impression of antique. Looking for real antique with kitchen cabinets, this is a perfect idea.

11. Antique White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Island

antique white kitchen
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Another kind of time-worn kitchen design, you can add some natural ornaments as decoration for your kitchen. Check out that decorative plants on the kitchen island. It’s there to spread the nature into the entire kitchen atmosphere.

Some people might find it hard to get comfortable with that kind of decoration, but if you are a fan of natural decoration for your antique kitchen, you may pleasingly enjoy it. The beige granite countertops along with its surface pattern look well-blended with the situation.

12. Attributes White Kitchen Antique

Attributes White Kitchen Antique
Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry by pinterest

Now, we’re back in clean antique kitchen design. If you do not like the kitchen looks dirty with those rustic elements, you can always choose the clean version of antique. This large kitchen provides you with antique white kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets are ready to store your kitchen utensils and other ingredients. The lighting fixture of this kitchen is somewhat gorgeous. It catches everybody’s attention with it’s elegant and antique design.

13. Antique White Cabinets Design Ideas

white kitchen backsplash ideas
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

One element that highlights this kitchen design is its kitchen island. It has a nice curvy surface which is pretty unique. It’s a combination of antique and contemporary. The white cabinet is in antique style and the kitchen island is close to modern style.

The silver light fixture is another way to add more antique vibes into the kitchen. From that lighting design, you get both the vibes and the luxury. The mosaic backsplash is a nice touch for your antique kitchen.

14. Traditional Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white cabinet paint
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

With that amount of wood elements in this kitchen, a traditional style of kitchen appears. That classic paneling profiles and that traditional shelves offers functionality and design.

The only thing that can ruin this traditional kitchen atmosphere is that rustic table. It’s supposed to be making an antique impact into the kitchen, but it looks misplaced. So, you may need to repaint that table with its original color.

15. Best Wall Color For Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

white antique kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Some people might get confused in choosing the paint color for the antique kitchen. You can try having sand-colored paint for the walls. It will be a great backdrop for your antique white kitchen cabinets.

This luxurious kitchen has Moroccan accent floor that supports the color of the kitchen island. The dark mahogany coating which makes it in a darker shade. It’s a good thing though, it creates a perfect accent for the antique white kitchen cabinets.

16. Kitchen Design Ideas Antique White Cabinets

building kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The design of the flooring seems to be the highlight of this kitchen, since the angle of the photo focusing on the floor. The wrought iron lightings that hang over the kitchen island is in a perfect spot. It can be the focal point of the whole antique experience.

17. Off  White Antique Kitchen Cabinets

glazed kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This off-white kitchen cabinet looks so antique, thanks to the countertop design and the accessories on top of it. The antique accessories really support the antique kitchen cabinets. Without those accessories to decorate the countertop, the cabinet will look different.

18. Vintage White Raised Panel Cabinets

kitchen backsplash with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Let’s go with the bright white cabinet. This kitchen design is clean and versatile. It gots the solid bright white as the main color and the light brown wood as its accent. Once again. the different color of flooring has a success in managing the color schemes.

The raised panel cabinets are completed with brass handles to express the beauty of vintage cabinet design. As a glance, you might see this kitchen as a golden white combination.

19. Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

slate appliances with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The corner drawers design looks uniquely fit in the kitchen. It’s cleverly designed and suited perfectly in the kitchen. The chrome-finished handle for each door and drawers of the cabinets look nice.

This antique white kitchen cabinets design is a great solution for the limited-space kitchen.

20. Backsplash Antique White Cabinets

off white kitchens
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Let’s focus on the backsplash, It may just play a small role in the kitchen, but if you design it the right way, it could be something that glows better in the kitchen. Or, you can design it as the highlight of the kitchen.

Take a look at this antique white kitchen cabinets. The vintage design of the backsplash surprisingly becomes the focal point of the kitchen. It may be because of the central spot that it gets.

21. Breakfast With Antique White Kitchen Bar Table

kitchen color ideas with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Check out that light fixture. It’s hand over the kitchen bar table. This is the spot where you can enjoy your meal with your friends and family. The traditional style of a kitchen bar in this photo shows off its best feature.

The design of seatings and of course the white schemes that spread all over the kitchen. The flowers on the kitchen bar table are there to complete the antique vibes in this traditional kitchen.

22. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Wood Floors

kitchen color ideas with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The first thing you see in this kitchen design must be the ceiling design. Actually, what makes this kitchen is beautiful is the flooring. The flooring planks use a dark maple wood. It goes really well with raised panel cabinets.

The low ceiling might be the one that can make some people uncomfortable, but don’t worry, there are enough windows to maintain the kitchen atmosphere you need.

23. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Floors

antique white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This kitchen design is both antique and luxurious. It looks like a kitchen from some kingdom. That big kitchen island with the big flowers on top of it really does make a statement to the room.

The dark brown color of the kitchen island also makes a good impact on the whole atmosphere in the kitchen. But, the existence of the dark brown color in this luxurious kitchen is not so crucial. So, you can choose the color as fit as you want for your antique kitchen.

24. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed
Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed by pinterest

If you don’t know what “glaze” is, here is the example of it. It is a semi-transparent coating that is applied after the cabinet is painted or stained. It adds depth and color to the finish. It’s friendly to your budget compared to painting.

25. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse
Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse by pinterest

This one is a stand-alone antique white kitchen cabinet for your farmhouse kitchen. You can just add this furniture in your small kitchen and have a gorgeous and stunning kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style.

Besides the design of the cabinet, the decorative stuff on the shelves are all antique. Even, the planks on the left have that letters “ANTIQUES” on it. So, it’s surely one of the antique white kitchen cabinets you can choose.

15+ Cool Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room – The living room is an incredibly important area in our sweet home. The function of a living room is to welcome our relatives, friends or guests. Regarding its function, the living room can be said as semi formal area. Mid century modern living room becomes the most favorite living room theme ever.

Generally, people may find out some difficulties to differentiate between a family room and a living room. Family room can be said as an informal area because we can do everything from having a family discussion to watching television. On the other hand, a living room seems to have pretty limited functions.

People also tend to focus on a design of their living rooms. Many houses in this world have been inspired by mid century and modern decorations. This is classified as vintage and modern design at the same time. The mid century modern design was created in the 1940s.Now it is broadly adopted to the current living room.

Mid century modern design looks like a perfect combination. They have some special elements. As an instance, mid century design emphasizes on old-fashioned stuff. While the modern design is dominated by vibrant colors and new-style furniture. Here are 20 inspirations for you.

1. Bohemian Mid Century Modern Living Room

mid century modern decorating ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid century modern bohemian living room has been loved by many people because of its uniqueness. Mid century bohemian living room combines light and dark colors together. You will easily find out mid century boho living room in Californian houses.

The bohemian style also uses a lot of eclectic or geometric patterns. Blue and green are two inevitably paramount colors of mid century boho living room. Both blue and green can dominate in the bohemian-styled living room. The tribal decor is also mid century living room decor.

If you are truly a fan of the bohemian style, you can choose white-colored lamps, walls, glasses, rugs, doors and etc. For your sofa, you can shop leather-made sofa. Wooden coffee tables and credenzas are great furnitures too. You may like having a golden coffee tray in your mid century boho living room.

Overall, bohemian style can bring warm vibes to your living room. Sometimes, it looks untidy because there are many traditional kinds of stuff.


  • Unique design
  • Attractive warm vibes


  • Living rooms can look untidy
  • Quite expensive living room fixtures

2. Atomic Mid Century Modern Living Room

mid century modern interior design

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid century atomic living room might not be as popular as mid century bohemian living room. To get a wonderful atomic living room, you also need to have some retro furniture. Those retro furnitures will not be too old even in your new house. It will turn your ordinary living room into the most stylish living room ever.

The Atomic living room has its own characteristics. There are 2 famous atomic types of furniture, peaceful atoms and destroying atoms. Destroying atoms means irregular patterns. Peaceful atoms are made of connected small dots. Globe pendant becomes mid century living room lighting of atomic style.

Hence, the atomic design is suitable to accentuate details on every fixture. However, you may be bored with atomic motifs.


  • Your living room looks so stylish
  • Pretty easy to find atomic motifs


  • It looks quite boring

2. Parisian Twist

Fab Mid-century Modern Living Rooms

Mid Century Modern Living Room

If you traveled in Paris in 1940s-1950s, you would see a lot of wing chairs in many houses. The wing chairs become an essential part of Parisian living rooms. You can get these mid century living room chairs too. Do not forget to choose bright-colored wing chairs. Red wing chairs are the best option.

Another chair in Parisian twist style faces armchair and stool. White-colored face armchairs seriously will bring retro nuances to your living room. You have to consider high floor stamp too. This lamp is a must-have item in every Parisian house.

Thus, the Parisian twist can give an elegant vintage look to your living room. However, budgets might be your real constraint.


  • Nice retro look
  • It brings luxury nuances to your living room


  • Parisian twist fixtures are expensive

3. Brazilian Design

how to decorate mid century modern on a budget

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Are you looking for mid century living room ideas? Give a Brazilian style a try! Brazilian design is one of mid century living room designs. There are various mid century living room chairs of Brazilian style. You can shop yellow stools, rosewood-made grey chair, white armchair, and sofa.

Every Brazilian design uses a diagonal-patterned rug. You can put white short lamps too on your table. Brazilian seems to like having aprons and white-colored side tables in their living room.

Therefore, Brazilian style is super enchanting. You may get difficulties to find hanging aprons.


  • Brazilian style has enchanting vibrant colors
  • Suitable for any living room sizes


  • Brazilian fixtures are quite difficult to find

4. Monochromatic Design

Captivating Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Who says the monochromatic design is outdated? You can bring these 2 neutral colors to lovely your living room. The monochromatic design will add awesome retro vibes.

The monochromatic design is so good to be true. You are recommended to shop black net chairs, black sofa, black stool and black rug. If you are too boring with the black rug, you can change it with the black and white rug.

Overall, the monochromatic design is seriously affordable and simple. Make sure you are not too bored with black and white.

5. Wood-Paneled Mid Century Modern Living Room

Captivating Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The wood-paneled living room is known as spectacular mid century living room inspiration. If you want to adopt wood-paneled design, you must buy wood panel walls. Soft caramel color of wood panel wall will make you comfortable in your living room.

Without wood panel wall, your living room must not be the same. You can shop wooden panel in many furniture stores. Your wood-paneled living room will be complete with soft texture furniture. Mid century wood-paneled wall usually made of narrow and long wood.

Hence, the wood-paneled living room gives you soft charming vibes. But is expensive for people with low-budgets.


  • Soft vibes in living room
  • Awesome mid-century design


  • It is not low-budget idea
  • You need large amount of light

6. Cream Color Theme

mid century modern color palette

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Besides thinking about the monochromatic theme, you must be considering cream color too. To make your living room get creamy scheme, you can order back-to-back sofas and
Barcelona chairs. All should be in neutral cream color. For living room ceiling, you can choose cream colored-cedar ceiling.

To bring modern vibes, you can purchase Arco floor lamp. Your oval side tables in the cream color-themed living room can be black. You will get unbored with your side table.

Overall, the cream theme is perfect for those who love calmness. However, it can be boring too.


  • Calm effects
  • Pretty affordable


  • Not for people who like seeing colorful fixtures

7. Minimalistic Mid Century Modern Living Room

mid century modern apartment living room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Choosing minimalistic living room is a very brilliant idea. Because this will keep your mid century modern living room. The minimalistic living room also works on small living room area. So, you must not be worried if your house only has tiny space for the living room.

White-colored furniture can help to punctuate minimalistic theme. You are suggested to buy white leather sofas, white floor lamps, white rugs, white sofa pillows and white hanging cabinets. If you do not have any leather sofas, other white sofas are still perfect.

Thus, the minimalistic living room can brighten your living room naturally. You may think it brings Boredoms to your living room.


  • Suitable for tiny living room
  • Space-saving idea
  • Wallet-friendy living room idea


  • Sometimes, it is boring for you

8. Earth Tones in Living Room

mid century modern interior design characteristics

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Earth tones can be identified as one of mid century. All earth tones contain brown shades. Some of the earth tones are orange, red, green, tan, blue and brown. This is the color of nature. If you bring earth tones in your mid century modern living room, you do a great job.

Wicker armchairs definitely are chic furniture in your living room. You can shop eucalyptus-made sofas too. It will help you to accentuate some earth tones. Replace your ordinary cocktail table with an artistic wooden table.

Moreover, a leather the lounge chair is a must-have furniture to bring more earth tones.

Hence, earth toned-living room totally brings all warm vibes to your living room. Brightness may be your issue.


  • Adorable warm vibes
  • Easy to do the idea


  • Some earth-toned fixtures are really expensive, because of their scarcities
  • Sometimes, it gives dim nuances

9. Open Lounge Mid Century Modern Design

Modern Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Open lounge design is indeed for everybody who really loves natures and its surroundings. Glass-made walls become primary furniture you need to have. Without the existence of glass walls, you can not see breathtaking views near your living room.

Another furniture you have to put in the living room is a long-sized white lounge chair. Monochromatic floors are the best combination with your open lounge design.
Medium blue-colored back to back sofas, rectangular glass cocktail table and some fake flowers in a vase will beautify open lounge-themed living room too.

Overall, open lounge design needs huge renovation if you already own house. It is energy-saving tough.


  • Really energy saving
  • Brighten your living room


  • You have to make huge renovation
  • It is not wallet-friendly

10. Blue Shades in Living Room

mid century modern living room furniture

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Blue is definitely cool color. If you love seeing skies in the summer, you do agree with this statement. Blue shades are so adorable. Your living room will be lightened up by many shades of blue.

You can start to decorate your living room with light blue sofas and soft armchairs. If you like lazing around in your living room, a light blue-colored daybed will be a help. Mid-century vibes shall be maintained by the narrow bluish rectangular cocktail table.The uniformity of blue shades is an important key.

Overall, blue shades design is definitely coolest design for your living room. Make sure you get fixtures with all blue shades.


  • It is the coolest design ever
  • Pretty easy to implement


  • Seems quite difficult to find all good blue shades

11. Bricks Fireplace in Living Room

Fab Mid-century Modern Living Rooms

Midcentury Living Room

If you want to get mid century modern living room, you must have a brick-made fireplace. To complete the retro style, you can choose black or cream brick wall. Then you shall prepare white sofas and wooden stools in your living room.

Do not forget to consider long rectangular wooden table too. You can shop a white wool-made rug to give more calmness in your living room. You may put wooden shelves near your brick fireplace.

Thus, bricks fireplace might be your favorite design. Be sure you have bright colored-walls so it does not bring old look in your living room.


  • Strong design
  • Enchanting vintage-looking fireplace


  • It sometimes looks too old
  • It is seriously not budget-friendly

13. Flagstone Floored-Living Room

mid century modern living room ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

If you like owning irregular patterns in your living room, you can choose flagstone-made floors. It actually will be better when the flagstones have random patterns. Navy-colored flagstones are great to any mid century modern living rooms.

You are recommended to purchase wooden armless chairs to be put your living room. You can enhance retro nuances by adding a wooden oval-shaped table to your living area.

Overall, flagstone floored-living room can be such beautiful inspiration. Just make sure you have enough budgets to renovate your floors.


  • Uniquely beautiful floors
  • Strong based-floors


  • It spends a lot of your money
  • Need huge renovation of flooring

14. Glass Sun-room

mid century modern living room chairs

Mid Century Modern Living Room

It is called sun-room because you are able to feel sunlight in your own living room. As a bonus, you can see beautiful landscapes near your house. You may get confused between the sun-room and open lounge design. They are quite different tough. The open lounge can be said as semi sun room.

All the walls in your living room must be replaced with glass-made walls. You can also hang long ceiling lamp in your glass sun room. Do you want to have a more awesome sunroom? Put black sofas or purple armchairs in your living room.

Therefore, sun room can help to save energy in the morning to afternoon. However, it really needs a large amount of money.


  • It brightens your living room area
  • Energy-saving


  • It is not wallet-friendly
  • Glass is not too strong material as walls

15. Simple Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid-Century Modern Interior Decor Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Sometimes, simplicity wins over the other inspirations. If you are a simple person, a simple living room is indeed your timeless favorite. To create a simple living area, you only need some basic furniture.

Those basic furniture are a lamp, sofa, armchair and cocktail table. You can meet vintage-styled furniture with modern-style furniture. As an example, you may choose wooden armchairs to give mid-century vibes to your living room. The simple living room can be determined by your sofa. The single-colored sofa would be best.

Overall, simple design is very suitable for the small-sized living room. However, you may get bored with this simple design.


  • Really affordable
  • It can be done in tiny living room


  • Quite boring fixtures

16. Shades of Pink Mid Century Modern Living Room

Stylish Mid-Century Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

These pink shades will be put on the list by all pink lovers. Dominant colors in this theme actually are pink and white. These 2 colors bring peacefulness and serenity in your living room.

You can put pink or white-colored sofas in the living room. You are also able to choose a white granite-top cocktail table. Long and rectangular-shaped cocktail table is a must. Is it difficult to find out living room curtains? Go for light pink or white curtains.

Overall, pink shades themed-living room is very beautiful and calm. However, some pink colored-fixtures are difficult to shop.


  • Beautiful design
  • Pretty affordable


  • Difficult to find pink-colored fixtures

17. Mirrored-Walls in Living Room

Mid-century Living Room design ideas and inspiration

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This mirrored-walls can be claimed as versatile furniture. Mirrored-walls are also incredibly mesmerizing. You only need to buy large rectangular mirrors to be your living room walls. Two big-sized mirrors are enough.

Then you can shop back to back white-colored sofas. You already had large mirrored-walls so the small square cocktail table would be a perfect combination. To bring vintage vibes of mid century, you can put linen or leather-made hand chair. Dark brown hand chair must be located near your back to back sofas.

Therefore, mirrored-walls are really unique and do not need any renovation. Sometimes, it is just too simple and boring.


  • It is budget-friendly idea
  • You do not need to renovate your living room


  • It can get dirty
  • Mirrored-walls can be boring

18. Flagstone Fireplace in Living Room

mid-century modern living room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

The flagstone-made fireplace is one kind of retro fireplace. You can have mid century modern living room if you build flagstone fireplace. Those flagstones may vary in sizes. You are allowed to add some earth tones on your flagstones fireplace. Light blue, brown, white, pink random flagstones are really beautiful.

For the sofas, as usual, you can purchase white-colored sofas or white-colored wooden back chair. Some caramel armless chairs are great too. Do not forget to choose white floor lamp to accentuate your mid century modern design.

Overall, the flagstones-made fireplace is a great pair for your mid-century living room. Sometimes, it can bring the old look to your modern living room.


  • It is still affordable
  • Strong materials


  • Old-looking fireplace is not suitable for modern house

19. Relaxed Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid century living room ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room

You can make relaxed living room without bringing too many colors. White-colored daybed must be your primary furniture in the relaxed living room. This design does not need a lot of chairs or sofas. You are only suggested to put a hand chair and an arm chair.

The second important stuff in the relaxed living room is a large Moroccan rug. This mid century modern living room design will save many spaces in your house. Do not forget to purchase a white rectangular-shaped cocktail table.

Overall, the relaxed-themed living room could be a brilliant solution for you who want to have extra spaces for relaxing your body. Make sure your living room is large.


  • It makes your living room cozy
  • It is not boring


  • This idea only works for large living room
  • Quite expensive

20. Mid Century Modern Living Room Renovation Design

mid century modern living room sets

Mid Century Modern Living Room

You can renovate your own living rooms right now. This mid century modern living room combines retro-styled furniture and modern-furnitures at the same time. You are strongly recommended to shop Nanna Ditzel chairs. It will look really good in your renovation designed-living room.

This design also needs a help of wooden bench. You can put a white-colored wooden bench in your living room. In modern renovation designed-living room, you must look for a light grey sofa, a fake plant, and an armchair.

Cream-colored curtains may match perfectly with your mid century modern living room. To punctuate your large living room, you can use wide and long curtains. Do not forget about the cocktail table in your living room. The rectangular wooden table is the perfect one. You can put rug with square motifs too.

Overall, mid century modern renovation design really brings vivid or lively vibes in your living room. You may need some renovations too.


  • Bring vivid vibes in modern living room
  • You will never get bored in your living room


  • Need huge renovation
  • It is not too budget-friendly

Your living room is a significant front room in your house. You do not need to be designer or architect to turn your ordinary living room into the most wonderful living room ever. Furniture and colors play major roles in your living room. You can also get those antique furniture and paints easily.

Those 20 inspirations of mid century modern living room actually could be done by every people. You have to choose the inspiration which you love the most. Basically budget will not be a constraint, as long as you unleash all your creativities. So, let’s decorate your living room!

12 Creative DIY Corner Bench With Built-in Table Decor For Small Spaces

Creating some DIY corner bench with built-in table décor will help to bring a new fresh look in to the room. This is one of an effective way to use the available space in the corner. Furthermore, it is a way to improve the empty space. This can be a good idea for small house. Where improvisation is important.

Corner bench can be create in various way and style. Make sure that the design will fit the room. Furthermore, make sure to match with the house theme. Therefore, it will bring better final view. Rather than look odd inside the room.

If having difficulties in getting ideas on this, see below pictures. There are some DIY corner bench with built-in table décor sample that easy to do. More over, they are simple and low in budget. Since optimize the room shouldn’t need to waste too much money.


Build some simple design rather than a complicated one. This will take less efforts and time but with the same awesome final look. Such as below samples that quite easy to perform

Source Pinterest

Another sample is below, where the design is quite easy and takes less time to create it. With a perfect design, it can bring a final touch for the room.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest


Making some stylish corner bench can be a good idea too. Sneak out below pictures for some beautiful ide on it.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest
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Multi Function

The next idea is to make sure that the design can be a multi function furniture. Therefore, it can fit for various purpose. Example, as a dining table which located next to the kitchen too. See the below pictures.

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Try also to put on as some snack corner. It can be a good place to hang with the family member. See the pictures below.

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All the DIY corner bench with built-in table décor idea above are quite easy to perform. As long as the measurement is fit, then it can be some useful furniture which can bring a better view. Furthermore, it can also optimize the small spaces into various function.