10+ Cool Ideas for Modern Barndominium Plans

BARNDOMINIUM PLANS – “Barndominium” is rising in popularity as modern residential and commercial buildings. Modern barndominium plans have many advantages, such as easy construction, versatile remodeling, and spacious living area. Here are some great barndominium floor plans to inspire your next building project.

2-story storage barn

2-story storage barn – luxihome.com

Storage is one of the most common uses for a barn-style building. A 2-story building with large door and several windows on the second floor will make an excellent storage/office building. A barn is easy to construct, and the interior does not have too many physical hindrances, so this plan is popular for business owners. The top part of the building is enough for an office, stationary storage, pantry, toilet, or bathroom.

2-story house with loft and garage

2-story house with loft and garage – upload.wikimedia.org.com

Another popular floor plan for barndominium is a 2-story house with loft space and extension for the garage. The house can have large windows and a balcony, with arched roofing and a chimney for cold winter.

The extension may be included in the floor plan, but if it does not come with a garage, you can erect a smaller barn and match the exterior with the main building.

This plan may fit two to three bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms. There are also places for the dining room, separate from the kitchen.

Contemporary cabin with an asymmetrical design

Contemporary cabin with an asymmetrical design – i.pinimg.com

The asymmetrical design is very modern and will create a stunning look. You can build a cozy house or holiday cabin by constructing a wood cabin, with modified roofing and trusses to develop crooked look on the top. Add an open porch on the balcony extension and install a large window to give the occupants amazing view.

Prefab barn kit with the erected entryway

Prefab barn kit with the erected entryway – gardenandgun.com

If you cannot build a barn from scratch, you can order barn kits that already have measured materials based on the floor plans. Prefab kits often have straightforward designs, but you can modify them. One good modification is an erected entryway with stairs, which is great if you live in a flood-prone area.

This kind of building is perfect for an office, whether for your own business or regional representation of a company. You can fit at least one bathroom, one pantry, and stationary supply or photocopy room.

Small cabin for holiday house

Small cabin for holiday house – cdn.homedit.com

Small barnominium plan is perfect to make a private holiday cabin. Wooden barn house gives a rustic charm, like living in a village. You can create 1-story or 2-story home, with large windows and small patio to create an exterior. There are several good ideas for a little barn building like this; you can make a small office or individual cabins for a resort business.

Modern barndominium with glass panels

Barndominium modern dengan panel kaca – i.pinimg.com

Large glass panels are famous in modern design trends. They are not only for decorations, but also letting in natural light, reducing the need for turning on the lamps. You can install the glass panel right next to the exterior siding material. You can also create asymmetrical exterior by creating specific placements of glass panels and siding materials.

The size of the building can fit up to three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, dining room, living room, and kitchen.

Traditional barn with loft

Traditional barn with loft – pin-insta-decor.com

A traditional barn is a very straightforward building; a spacious room without hindering posts, perfect to store large livestock, hay, and other farming equipment. A loft creates perfect space to store additional hay or livestock foods. The barn owner can also build large windows for ventilation, without fear that animals can run outside.

2-story large barndominium with cottage extension

2-story large barndominium with cottage extension – i.pinimg.com

There are many things you can do with 2-story large barn house. You can create a mansion, private villa, bed and breakfast, or hotel. If you need extra space, you can build a separate cottage, and connect both buildings with a covered hallway or passageway.

This plan may fit four to five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, plus one suite bedroom, separate dining room, and kitchen.

Hillside barndominium with glass panels

Hillside barndominium with glass panels – i.pinimg.com

If you get a prime site on the hillside, use a floating foundation with large glass panels to give you an amazing view. You can extend one part toward the hill edge, with large glass panels. This nook can be an intimate dining spot, home office, or reading room.

This plan may fit up to three bedrooms and two shared bathrooms.

Rock barn house with a narrow corridor

Rock barn house with a narrow corridor – cottagelife.com

If you have a narrow lot, you can build a barn house with rock siding. The barn’s spacious interior, especially with a loft, will give you extra space for a narrow lot. A Large glass panel at the end of the hallway will create a spacious feeling.

Traditional barn house with garage

Traditional barn house with garage – richmedia.channeladvisor.com

A traditional-style barn house with garage is perfect for a small family. You can have a 2-story house, or turn the upper space into loft storage. You can find a barndominium big enough to make a garage without building an extension. The garage door is placed on the side, so it will not be seen next to the front door.

This is a great house if you only want two bedrooms with shared or en-suite bathrooms.

Traditional farmhouse mansion

barndominium texas

A farmhouse-style building is perfect for a lot of things. You can create a house that fits a growing family or starts a business place. Farmhouse-style barn home is a favorite building to create a restaurant, bed & breakfast, motel, or grocery store. While the look may be traditional, you can create new siding and exterior.

This plan may fit up to three bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms.

Barndominium with basement

Barndominium with basement – busianews.com

Many barndominium floor plans, including the prefab kits, have semi-basement space that you can use as a storage place. If the bottom part is half “buried,” you can create a parking space or extra storage place. Wood and shingles will give this house a great traditional look.

This plan is perfect for two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, plus a combination between kitchen and dining room.