20+ Color Ideas and Fabric Patterns for Cool Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen is second home for the woman, thus, as possible as the woman can, the kitchen are arranged beautifully and cleanly. Without floor, curtain also can be the main part to manage. There are several kitchen curtains ideas that you can find in the magazine or even by browsing on the internet.

Color and fabric are the main part in this ‘game’. Just mix them and create something new over them in your kitchen. Then you will feel amazed and satisfied seeing the result on your kitchen.

Folded Curtain Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Many variations of home interior are welcome for any house. No exception is curtain. Folded curtain is the best idea for limited area of your kitchen but you want to add something different in your house. Use bright color for the curtain material thus your kitchen looks clearer and attractive.

Nice Color Combination

image souce : pinterest.com

Simple pattern and form of the curtain is suggested by many home designers. The usage of color concord with the wall makes the kitchen comfortable to use.

Pastel Color For Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Bring soft color is one of kitchen curtains inspirations that can be used. Pink and light brown is nice combination that is matched with the house interior. You can make it as long as the window length. Don’t forget to consider the color of wall painting in the kitchen.

Rope Hanging Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Don’t be confused in making your curtain becomes tidier. Just take a rope and is folded by pulling it up. Plain color is nice choice for your kitchen to bring cleanliness nuance. Clean is an important need to bring into our kitchen.

Balinese Fabric Pattern

image source : pinterest.com

The black and white combination in the squared pattern will produce new scenery in your kitchen. You can make this eye-catching curtain by harmonizing the curtain and the white painted wall. Make this black and white curtain from light material fabric thus the circulation on the kitchen is still maintained.

Transparent Tile Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Just think about the circulation of the kitchen if you do use this curtain. Don’t think too much about the fabric used. But, you can choose the light material for it. The matching curtain color may help the concord of the whole part of your kitchen.

Arrow Curtain Kitchen Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Unique shape may bring many attractions for the guests. This asymmetry shape and tie truly show the difference idea about common curtain shape. Put it on and your kitchen becomes wonderful part than other parts of your house.

Sweet Color Combination Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Well, sweet thing goes sweet condition. Adding sweet ornaments such as curtain contributes different atmosphere. The gray and pink polka dot shows that the kitchen is wider and clean. That’s great choice of color and looks such as comfort kitchen to visit all the time.

Colorful Squared Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Use colorful combination is absolutely okay for your kitchen. It is because the colors will not ruin someone’s obsession in cooking. In contrast, color makes someone feels passionate in being in the kitchen.

Classic Transparent Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Transparent fabric is great ideas for your kitchen windows accessory. The benefit of it, you can see what happened behind the curtain. The air flow circulation is better that we use the color fabric. This curtain will make the kitchen feels a bit classic like early ‘90.

Ribbon Tied Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Another sweet thing in your kitchen, why not? The previous was about the color, this is ribbon. Wide window and ribbon tied curtain is fabulous combination. It is unique creativity. You can create it properly.

Wider Fabric Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

The wider patterns in the fabric bring many benefits. First, it will make the small area kitchen becomes wider too. Next, it’s just for nice and unique combination in compare with the common things inside the kitchen, such as: white painted wall, brown wooden furniture, and so on.

Flourish Folded Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Take lively color in the kitchen is also good. Some kitchen, sometimes, only have one color for painting and the furniture. Use flourish curtain that is folded in the bottom clearly bring new nuance in your kitchen.

Mini Chic Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Short curtain is meant simplicity. Simplicity is in the fabric used and design. This is a nice curtains design, that are recommended for any kitchen which has problem in cleanliness. You don’t have to wash this curtain every day because of the dirt.

Solid Color Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Red is never wrong to be the curtain color choice. The red will show firmness but elegant one. The firmness is depended to the pattern on the fabric. Big pattern is absolutely meant strong and firm. The small pattern gives calmness and quietness look.

Patch Curtain Ideas

image source : pinterest.com

Don’t forget about this kind of curtain. This is a patch curtain with medium transparent fabric. You can use many colors you want, just make sure that the fabric is suitable with the kitchen. Stick it the patch curtain and you don’t have to fold it.

Marbles Tassel Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

It is quite easy to make the tassel. You can sew the fabric marbles on the plain colored fabric. Then, choose correct combination between the marbles and the fabric. It’s simple but produce an elegant look for a curtain.

Cartoon Characters’ Curtain

image source : pinterest.com

Are you fan of Elsa? If yeses, please make creation on your kitchen curtain with Elsa look. Choose the printing fabric of many cartoon characters. This will make your daughter feeling like home when she gets in the kitchen.

Formal Look Curtain In White Blue

image source : pinterest.com

What’s wrong with formal look for the kitchen? It’s pretty enough to use there. Measure and fit the height of the kitchen’s window for the curtain. It’s better to make it short-cutting curtain to show the clean impression kitchen.

Coral Blue Diagonal Pattern

image source : pinterest.com

Blue is always favorite color for many things especially kitchen curtains. Blue curtain bring the sea nuance and its surrounding. It is calm and soft color. It is also fit too much furniture in the house, especially kitchen.

25 Cool White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas That Blow Your Mind

There are 25 ideas of antique white kitchen cabinets you can explore and get inspired by this article. The color of white is not really often to appear in the antique house. The sense of antique tends to be in natural colors such as wooden brown.

If you really like your kitchen to be elegant and versatile, the white scheme seems like a great choice. Kitchen cabinet is the important elements in the kitchen. It provides the most functionality in the room. So, you have to consider choosing the perfect design for your antique kitchen.

1. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Take a look at this vintage white kitchen design. It looks beautiful and stylish. Using some antique design of cabinets, this kitchen’s style looks sophisticated and stunning. You can match your white elements with any color of decorations.

White goes well with other. You don’t have to be confused when dealing with the color combination when the main color is white. As you can see in this kitchen design with antique white kitchen cabinets, the countertop gives little sparks to balance the whites.

2. Antique White Kitchens

Antique White Kitchens
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The antique white kitchen cabinets in this kitchen are using a Neo-classical concept. The doors of the cabinets have some stunning features that are good to get the kitchen less boring. There is some mounted glass on the top of the cabinets. It can reflect the light from the lamp.

This cabinet design looks ready to spread the vintage feel all over the kitchen. Actually, with that antique white kitchen cabinets, and that beige backsplash and floorings, you won’t need another thing to accentuate like that black kitchen island.

3. Simple White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Most people want their house to be simple. The key to a great kitchen design is simplicity and efficiency. So, the workflow would be effective for the cooks. This simple white kitchen cabinet really matches to a classic design.

As you can see, The impression of antique is also supported by that lighting pendant above the windows. Having those lightings between the antique kitchen cabinets really make a great appearance.

4. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Chocolate Glaze

white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Small but luxurious, that’s what you got from this stunning kitchen design. Those antique white kitchen cabinets seems a good match with chocolate glaze. The paint of that kitchen cabinet doesn’t look like it’s in pure white.

There are some a bit of mixing in the painting. As a result, you will have a nice solid color of white which is a little bit closer to a gray shade.

5. Best Paint Color For Off  White Kitchen Cabinets

antique kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This off-white kitchen design using one of the antique white kitchen cabinets with French doors design. The clean and elegant design of this space is provided by some of the elements, that Scandinavian wood floors, and kitchen cabinet design.

That black granite countertop provides the dark color that we need inside a bright room. The only antique decoration and addition of this kitchen is that Faucet on the sink.

6. Best Granite Color For Antique White Cabinets

kitchen storage cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Installing a white kitchen cabinet doesn’t have to make the kitchen all white. You can have the flooring to be in dark warm colors. The walls and the backsplash are there in dark grey and beige color to make an accent for that pure white kitchen cabinet.

7. Granite Countertops White Cabinets

distressed kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

It’s not that hard to find the perfect countertop for your antique white kitchen cabinets. To add some classical vibes, this granite countertop is the perfect one. It has a distinctive pattern that matches the color scheme.

Some decoration like that white flower makes a lovely addition to the cooking area. The vintage backsplash design using all-beige ceramic tile backsplash. The antique ambiance in the kitchen gets supported by the warm floorings design.

8. Kitchens White Antique U-Shaped

white antique cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

A U shaped kitchen is great for antique white kitchen cabinets. The fantastic balance and proportion make it an ideal choice for your kitchen design. If you’re used to doing the cooking in ordinary kitchen concept, in this one would be quite different.

The cooking workflows are in the middle. The triangle concept of cooking would be very effective in this kitchen design. The countertops are using wood instead of granite. Maybe, the designers want to express the concept of antique in this kitchen.

9. Off White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Granite Countertops

distressed white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

There are three options you can to take in order to accentuate your antique white kitchen cabinets. The first one is with the countertops color and material. The second one is the floorings make sure the color is different with the cabinets. The third one is the backsplash.

As you can see in this kitchen design. The countertops, flooring, and the backsplash are in the darker shades of color. That is the most used way of balancing the room atmosphere.

10. Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Style Kitchen Cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

If you go real antique, this one must be your choice. It provides you with some time-worn furniture that looks rustic and ready to impress any antique fans. The traditional neutral tone that it has, complete those antique white kitchen cabinets.

The old stove and its concept look extremely antique. It’s like a design that comes from the past. You don’t need to repaint this kitchen, or you will lose its pure impression of antique. Looking for real antique with kitchen cabinets, this is a perfect idea.

11. Antique White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Island

antique white kitchen
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Another kind of time-worn kitchen design, you can add some natural ornaments as decoration for your kitchen. Check out that decorative plants on the kitchen island. It’s there to spread the nature into the entire kitchen atmosphere.

Some people might find it hard to get comfortable with that kind of decoration, but if you are a fan of natural decoration for your antique kitchen, you may pleasingly enjoy it. The beige granite countertops along with its surface pattern look well-blended with the situation.

12. Attributes White Kitchen Antique

Attributes White Kitchen Antique
Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry by pinterest

Now, we’re back in clean antique kitchen design. If you do not like the kitchen looks dirty with those rustic elements, you can always choose the clean version of antique. This large kitchen provides you with antique white kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets are ready to store your kitchen utensils and other ingredients. The lighting fixture of this kitchen is somewhat gorgeous. It catches everybody’s attention with it’s elegant and antique design.

13. Antique White Cabinets Design Ideas

white kitchen backsplash ideas
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

One element that highlights this kitchen design is its kitchen island. It has a nice curvy surface which is pretty unique. It’s a combination of antique and contemporary. The white cabinet is in antique style and the kitchen island is close to modern style.

The silver light fixture is another way to add more antique vibes into the kitchen. From that lighting design, you get both the vibes and the luxury. The mosaic backsplash is a nice touch for your antique kitchen.

14. Traditional Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

antique white cabinet paint
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

With that amount of wood elements in this kitchen, a traditional style of kitchen appears. That classic paneling profiles and that traditional shelves offers functionality and design.

The only thing that can ruin this traditional kitchen atmosphere is that rustic table. It’s supposed to be making an antique impact into the kitchen, but it looks misplaced. So, you may need to repaint that table with its original color.

15. Best Wall Color For Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

white antique kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Some people might get confused in choosing the paint color for the antique kitchen. You can try having sand-colored paint for the walls. It will be a great backdrop for your antique white kitchen cabinets.

This luxurious kitchen has Moroccan accent floor that supports the color of the kitchen island. The dark mahogany coating which makes it in a darker shade. It’s a good thing though, it creates a perfect accent for the antique white kitchen cabinets.

16. Kitchen Design Ideas Antique White Cabinets

building kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The design of the flooring seems to be the highlight of this kitchen, since the angle of the photo focusing on the floor. The wrought iron lightings that hang over the kitchen island is in a perfect spot. It can be the focal point of the whole antique experience.

17. Off  White Antique Kitchen Cabinets

glazed kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This off-white kitchen cabinet looks so antique, thanks to the countertop design and the accessories on top of it. The antique accessories really support the antique kitchen cabinets. Without those accessories to decorate the countertop, the cabinet will look different.

18. Vintage White Raised Panel Cabinets

kitchen backsplash with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Let’s go with the bright white cabinet. This kitchen design is clean and versatile. It gots the solid bright white as the main color and the light brown wood as its accent. Once again. the different color of flooring has a success in managing the color schemes.

The raised panel cabinets are completed with brass handles to express the beauty of vintage cabinet design. As a glance, you might see this kitchen as a golden white combination.

19. Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

slate appliances with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The corner drawers design looks uniquely fit in the kitchen. It’s cleverly designed and suited perfectly in the kitchen. The chrome-finished handle for each door and drawers of the cabinets look nice.

This antique white kitchen cabinets design is a great solution for the limited-space kitchen.

20. Backsplash Antique White Cabinets

off white kitchens
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Let’s focus on the backsplash, It may just play a small role in the kitchen, but if you design it the right way, it could be something that glows better in the kitchen. Or, you can design it as the highlight of the kitchen.

Take a look at this antique white kitchen cabinets. The vintage design of the backsplash surprisingly becomes the focal point of the kitchen. It may be because of the central spot that it gets.

21. Breakfast With Antique White Kitchen Bar Table

kitchen color ideas with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

Check out that light fixture. It’s hand over the kitchen bar table. This is the spot where you can enjoy your meal with your friends and family. The traditional style of a kitchen bar in this photo shows off its best feature.

The design of seatings and of course the white schemes that spread all over the kitchen. The flowers on the kitchen bar table are there to complete the antique vibes in this traditional kitchen.

22. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Wood Floors

kitchen color ideas with white cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

The first thing you see in this kitchen design must be the ceiling design. Actually, what makes this kitchen is beautiful is the flooring. The flooring planks use a dark maple wood. It goes really well with raised panel cabinets.

The low ceiling might be the one that can make some people uncomfortable, but don’t worry, there are enough windows to maintain the kitchen atmosphere you need.

23. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Floors

antique white kitchen cabinets
antique white kitchen cabinets image: by pinterest

This kitchen design is both antique and luxurious. It looks like a kitchen from some kingdom. That big kitchen island with the big flowers on top of it really does make a statement to the room.

The dark brown color of the kitchen island also makes a good impact on the whole atmosphere in the kitchen. But, the existence of the dark brown color in this luxurious kitchen is not so crucial. So, you can choose the color as fit as you want for your antique kitchen.

24. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed
Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Glazed by pinterest

If you don’t know what “glaze” is, here is the example of it. It is a semi-transparent coating that is applied after the cabinet is painted or stained. It adds depth and color to the finish. It’s friendly to your budget compared to painting.

25. Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse
Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse by pinterest

This one is a stand-alone antique white kitchen cabinet for your farmhouse kitchen. You can just add this furniture in your small kitchen and have a gorgeous and stunning kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style.

Besides the design of the cabinet, the decorative stuff on the shelves are all antique. Even, the planks on the left have that letters “ANTIQUES” on it. So, it’s surely one of the antique white kitchen cabinets you can choose.

Awesome Table Candle Ideas Worth to Try

A romantic ambiance can be easily achieved through the use of candles. So why not incorporate them in your wedding decor? Candle centerpieces are effortless, simple, and elegant. There are a variety of floral designs you work candles into, whether they are the focal point or used as a complementing accent.

Their timeless look makes it easy to fit in no matter the style or theme. So if you’re looking for a an inexpensive option, browse through the photos below!

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Let’s start off with these gorgeous metallic vases (also called “mercury glass”). Candlelight shines beautifully through these vases, which is one of the reasons they are so popular! Pairing greenery with a gold and white palette offers balance to this table centerpiece.

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Pillar candle centerpieces are ideal for those who want a vintage feel. Their sleek curves complement the smaller vases and the candle lighting reflects perfectly off of them as well.

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Have you ever thought of repurposing your wine glasses as candle holders? Pairing them with floating candles can drastically change the look and feel of any arrangement. These candles are the perfect accent to this floral arrangement!

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

This garden-inspired centerpiece features three multi-tiered vases paired with candles. The mixture of low and high really creates movement throughout the centerpiece. Bookending the look are some fresh white hydrangea, dahlias, and seeded eucalyptus.

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Next up is a gorgeous gold lantern with an elegant, tall candle inside. The hydrangeas, dusty miller, and lisianthus carefully arranged into a foam ring holder (similar to our OASIS Ring Holder) serving as the base of this stunning centerpiece.

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

A garland featuring white rose delicately intertwined with candles is an ideal arrangement for long, rectangular tables such as the one pictured below. Pro tip: adding green water picks on the roses can maintain their hydration and prolong their freshness throughout your event!

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Tie Dye Dendrobium Orchids are a very unique variety thanks to their bold turquoise and purple hues–so when arranging with them, less is more! As you can see, one stem submerged in water with a floating candle is really all that you need to create a bold, glamorous look!

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

If vases are not for you, try displaying the candles and flowers on a decorative plate. A combination of succulents and garden roses delicately placed around them brings a feeling of charm and simplicity.

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Continuing with the “vaseless” look, check out this unique copper-accented terrarium from an in-office FiftyFlowers styled shoot. Its glass walls can display the calming flickery light from the tea light within. The bed of Sheet Moss and scattered forest-inspired accessories also add an enchanting, woodsy touch!

10 Centerpieces with Candles - FiftyFlowers

Flowers aren’t the only thing that look beautiful submerged in water! Curly Willow Branches add great texture to any arrangement. When paired with a floating candle it really emphasize the shadows of the stem.

30+ Really Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas

KITCHEN DESIGN IDEAS — All the inspiration you need to make the kitchen everyone’s favorite room. From bold design choices to affordable appliances, our kitchen decorating ideas and inspiration pictures will help make this everyone’s favorite room in the house.

Checked Ceiling

Green Kitchen design ideas
Photo by Eric Piasecki

All-white cabinetry? Indulge in a pattern overhead. Green gingham wallpaper will be a color you’ll never get tired of seeing. Unique green-look kitchen that really eye catching to staring at will make your day.

Black and White Flooring

Black and white flooring kitchen ideas
Donna Griffith

When hardwoods won’t do, this foolproof combo foots the bill. It looks very obvious but also looks very cool. Best place for you to spend time to try lots of recipes that you found out.

Patterned Tiles

Kitchen reinvention pattern tiles ideas
Thomas Kuoh

Rugs, however durable, aren’t practical for a heavy-use kitchen. Enter statement floor tile—it’s a more subtle way to add impact to your white kitchen design than, say, a bold eye-level backsplash.

Milk Glass Lighting

amazing kitchen design ideas
Annie Schlechter

The salvaged fixtures in this space hang above the sink, island, and breakfast areas and enhance other neutral features like the white apron sink (a steal at $90!) and kitchen cabinets.

Black Appliances

kitchen reinvention black appliance
Emily Gilbert

Plain old stainless steel has its merits, but in a small kitchen, a giant swath of silvery metal can quickly dominate the room. Appliance manufacturers such as GE, Samsung, and Whirlpool have wised up to this dilemma, and have introduced refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves in sophisticated shades of black and slate.

Upgraded Cabinets

David Land

The owners of this 18th-century farmhouse added a vintage porcelain double farm sink and re-faced all of the cabinets to renovate the space.

“Window” to the World

Awesome kitchen sink decor ideas
Brian Woodcock

No above-the-sink view? No problem! An arched antique mirror maximizes the light that pours in nearby.

Scalloped Hood

Mark Lohman

How smart is this? A scalloped hood adds sweet flavor to this kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Roger Davies

The owners of this Texas farmhouse painted the cabinets black in order for them to blend in with the walls. Butcher-block countertops add extra country charm.

Neutral Palette


The owner of this rural Connecticut farmhouse switches around her kitchen accessories on a whim, so a neutral palette is essential. Almost every wall in the house, including those covered with barn-inspired board-and-batten paneling, is painted the same shade of white, and most of the furniture is covered in white or neutral linen.

Vintage Treasures

David Tsay

A wood and metal military desk-turned-prep island is the centerpiece of this Arizona ranch home’s kitchen. The weathered wood top and rusty green base give the kitchen more personality. Barnwood shelves pick up the warmth of the island’s counter, while brass pendants (from an old ice-cream parlor) echo the towel bar’s shine.

Hardworking Kitchen Island

Paul Costello

An abundance of moody gray cabinetry, limestone countertops, and stainless steel appliances add luxe elements to the rough-hewn kitchen. To maximize storage, one half of the kitchen island contains a series of baskets and bins; the other half has an additional work surface mounted with coasters to roll away when not in use.

Nostalgic Accents

Paul Costello

A pine ceiling gives the kitchen a country vibe, while its inky black paint job ups the space’s cool factor. Soda shop stools from the 1940s, found at an antiques mall, create a nostalgic spot to gather.

Retro Style

David Tsay

The kitchen in this California home was enlarged by combining it with the formal dining room and updating it with fresh takes on vintage country style—all while maintaining the space’s original yellow-and-red color scheme.

Simple and Inviting

Victoria Pearson

Despite its neutral palette, this California kitchen feels cozy thanks to a rustic fireplace, thoughtful collections, and inviting accents.

Bright Accents

Victoria Pearson

Add some whimsy to your workspace with a retro refrigerator like Smeg 50’s Retro Design.

Statement Stove

Buff Strickland

This owner of thisTexas home decided to splurge on a colorful range, then worked on reviving the rest of the space.

Bright Space Saver

Small space kitchen ideas
West Elm

Generally speaking, vintage (and vintage-inspired) appliances have a smaller footprint than modern-day behemoths. They can also add decorative charm—and a welcome pop of color!—in a small space.

Colorful and Cheery

Max Kim-Bee

Glass-front upper cabinets allow the owner of this New York home to flaunt her prized plates without eating up precious floor space, while closed ones below hide supplies. Beadboard panels add subtle texture.

Light and Bright

Stacy Brandford

The owner of thisAlberta farmhouse skipped curtains to lighten up the room’s look and maximize views of the scenic property. Minimalist iron-and-glass pendant fixtures cast plenty of light on the work spaces without blocking sight lines, while wooden shelves, countertops, and stool seats add warmth.

Space Saver

Creamy white-painted walls and whitewashed plywood floors make the small kitchen of this Florida cottage feel more expansive. Bonus: The floors were thousands of dollars cheaper than stained hardwood flooring.

Heavy Metal

Copper sheeting with coordinating straps and rivets dresses up a hood with age-old warmth.

Modern Historical Charm

From its exposed joists to uneven, wide-plank floors, the bright, updated kitchen in this Connecticut farmhouse still retains much of its historic charm.

Crafty Lighting

Designer Kevin Scanlon crafted the pendant lamps in this South Carolina kitchen out of crab baskets, rope, and burlap. When it comes to handsome trash cans, nothing tops an antique butter churn.

Minneapolis Farmhouse Chic

The owner of this Minneapolis farmhouse-style loft made a kitchen island from an old cabinet, which she topped with wooden packing crate slats. The stools are from Uline and the pendants are from The Foundry Home Goods.

Colorful Accents

A local carpenter built the pine island, and the owner fashioned the pot rack by mounting a two-by-two—painted the same color as the beam—overhead.

Salvaged Finds

A salvaged worktable provides this kitchen’s prep surface. The owner collects pig-shaped cutting boards and snagged this little guy along with the two round ones at a local antiques shop. The breadbox houses the silverware.

Antique Stove

The owners of this New York home snapped up their 1932 Magic Chef—with six burners and two ovens—at Moon River Chattel in Brooklyn on a quixotic whim.

Pine Butcher’s Block

English ironstone, Picardie glassware, and an antique pharmacy scale line the kitchen shelves in this New York garden estate. The pine butcher’s block came with the house. A gingham paper tablecloth from West Elm, affixed with magnets, peps up a plain fridge.

Antique Oven Awning

A metal awning from Houston’s August Antiques conceals an unattractive oven vent in the kitchen of this renovated Texas cottage.

Vintage Stove

A Craigslist search for vintage stoves turned up this 1970s industrial Wolf range for the vintage California cottage; bought new, the model would have cost thousands.

20+ Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug

COFFEE MUG STORAGE IDEAS — A steaming cup of coffee in the early morning is the best routine for starting the day. As well as due to that, we have actually given a little room for my coffee mug storage space. If you’re a coffee fan, after that you make sure to gather cups or mugs or at least have actually devoted an area for your coffee habit.

So whether you like coffee shots, Americano, or lattes, International Coffee Day is the day to value your favorite drink. And also to commemorate that, check out these great concepts to make drinking consumption coffee a lot more enjoyable!

Simple & Rustic Coffee Corner

Cool DIY coffee mug storage ideas

Our coffee station is rather straightforward right now. The coffee tree is from World Market together with the little log. The gauging mugs are a discover at Anthro & in the little cubbies there is some shakers full of yummies like cinnamon & cacao, some determining spoons from World Market, & some mini coffee syrups from Starbucks to garnish coffee with.

DIY Coffee Mug Holder

1. DIY Coffee Mug Holder | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via pennywise cook

Make your coffee mug storage as delectable as your cup of joe every morning! Check out this DIY coffee mug holder from pennywise cook!

Hanging Coffee Mug Holder

2. Hanging Coffee Mug Holder | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via tumblr

When you have actually restricted cooking area room, it is necessary to maintain your cup collection within arms’ reach especially the ones that I make use of on a regular basis. Are you completely digging this concept also?

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

3. DIY Coffee Mug Rack | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via my newest addiction

This has actually been among my outright preferred DIYs. I tried this in your home and also it’s actually truly stylish. This idea can serve as a pleasant reward for us coffee lovers! We see things specifically similar to this being offered on Etsy. Yet why invest when you can make one?

Mug Drawer

4. Mug Drawer | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via pretty organized

An additional wonderful idea is to develop a drawer for your coffee mugs. Just ensure it’s deep sufficient for the taller mugs. To safeguard their edges, store them upside down.

Wine Barrel Stave Coffee Mug Rack

5. Wine Barrel Stave Coffee Mug Rack | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via ofloinn decor

This is a fantastic hand-crafted coffee mug rack that’s made from aged oak a glass of wine barrel staves. This absolutely adds a cozy as well as cozy feeling to your kitchen area.

Under Cabinet Hooks For Coffee Mugs

6. Under Cabinet Hooks For Coffee Mugs | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via design sponge

If you’re piling those pretty mugs of yours, you’re merely asking for them to fall over as well as break. Screw hooks under your cupboards or rack instead so you can hang the cups!

From Drawers-to-Shelves Coffee Mug Storage

7. From Drawers-to-Shelves Coffee Mug Storage | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via my champagne taste

If you’re a vintage/rustic furnishings fan, after that this DIY recovered wood job is for you!

The Glaze Coffee Station

8. The Glaze Coffee Station | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via wee share

Still have enough room in your kitchen? Then that can be a respectable area for a coffee terminal. Right here the proprietor utilized a classic pot holder and also some shower curtain clips to hook the coffee mugs on it. This looks extremely trendy!

The Traveler’s Mug Storage

9. The Traveler
Image via design sponge

If you enjoy traveling and love to gather cups from different locations, take motivation from this photo!

It is a functional and uniform record of where we have been. – Amy Azzarito

Coffee Mug Shelves

10. Coffee Mug Shelves | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via happiness is homemade

It’s pretty incredible what you can with art. It can brighten up a hallway or a room. Discover enough room and also space anywhere in your residence and show your cup collection such as this!

I’m totally thrilled with how the shelves turned out, and I love having my favorite mugs on display – in rainbow order, naturally! – Heidi

Caryall Coffee Mug Shelf

11. Caryall Coffee Mug Shelf | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via may december

Check out exactly how this blogger re-purposed a carpenter’s carryall into an immediate coffee cup shelf! Remarkable suggestion, right?

Geometric Coffee Mug Rack

12. Geometric Coffee Mug Rack | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via Etsy

This suggestion can function as a sweet treat for us coffee fans! We see things exactly like this being offered on Etsy. Yet why invest when you can make one?

Organized Coffee Cabinet

13. Organized Coffee Cabinet | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via i heart organizing

Your coffee cabinet can store much more if you truly think of it. Usage hooks and also coordinator bins or a caddy to divide your smaller sized cups from the larger ones.

Coffee Cart and Mug Storage

14. Coffee Cart and Mug Storage | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via the inspired room

Coffee enthusiasts will certainly like the suggestion of including a coffee terminal in the kitchen area. As well as the mugs aren’t simply positioned on the table, to save area, the cups were hung on a dowel. Would not it be nice to wake up every morning and head downstairs to make coffee from this charming little cart very first point in the early morning?

Free Standing Mug Shelf

15. Free Standing Mug Shelf | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via four generations one roof

When you rearrange your coffee closet, utilize a freestanding shelf to hold cups. This will absolutely function like appeal!

Wall Mount Expanding Coffee Mug Rack

16. Wall Mount Expanding Coffee Mug Rack | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via ebay

Having a lot of cups can also suggest cup clutter. Prevent this by mounting a wall place broadening coffee mug shelf in your kitchen!

Coffee Mug Tray

17. Coffee Mug Tray | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via a beautiful mess

An additional use for a tray is for holding those precious cups of your own. Position them in your little coffee cart if you have one!

Pegboard Mug Collection Storage

18. Pegboard Mug Collection Storage | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via a study in contrasts

Another remarkable concept utilizing a pegboard for your mug collection!

Mugs. So many mugs. Dustin once threatened to divorce me if I brought home one more mug. Then, I came up with the pegboard idea & saved our marriage. – April Cochran-Smith

Coffee Mug Display

19. Coffee Mug Display | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via pineapples and coffee cups

This looks awesome! A rack formed like the first letter of your name as coffee cup storage is a fantastic ideas.

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t even all of the coffee mugs I own (they don’t all fit) but most of my favorites. – Adriana

Coffee Mug Holder

20. Coffee Mug Holder | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via the inspired room

Most people utilize a mug owner tree such as this one. Besides, it’s extremely useful as well as you can bring it anywhere in the house. Doesn’t this set up additionally make you seem like the vacations are quick approaching?

Vintage Shutter Mug Rack

21. Vintage Shutter Mug Rack | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via Melissa Ellen’s Loft

Since Christmas is simply a couple of months away, offer your cup storage a remodeling!

There is something about mugs that just makes me excited!  After taking a brief look through my kitchen cupboards it would not take long to realize that I have a minor mug collecting obsession… seeing that I have more cupboard space devoted to storing my mugs than pots and pans. – Melissa

Wooden Shelving Unit With Cubbies

22. Wooden Shelving Unit With Cubbies | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via home designing

Your cup collection is worthy of a place in your home. Set up or purchase a shelving unit with a lot of cubbies to create an impressive coffee space!

Coffee Mug Storage and Display

Coffee Mug Storage and Display | 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious
Image via caffeinatedarmywife

Saving the most effective for last, this cup wall is definitely my favorite. This is incredible for a person who has a small cooking area. Go for it and also forget about the shelves and traditional racks. Genuinely resourceful, isn’t it?

25+ Creative Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Do you have a kitchen pantry in your home? Is your cupboard a little… jumbled? Obsolete? Boring? The kitchen pantry often tends to be one of those places that are either failed to remember or used to just throw in anything and also whatever. A lot of the time they appear, boring, and also untidy. Nevertheless, if organized appropriately, a beautiful cupboard can make your kitchen life a whole lot easier.

So, if you are looking to remodel your old kitchen, develop a brand-new one, or simply drool over some images of tidy and also handsome cooking area storage spaces, then you are in the appropriate area! Today we have a listings of superior cupboards and kitchen ideas to motivate you to make some changes in your kitchen!

Unique Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Chalkboard Pantry

A great method to stay organized is to add chalkboards to your cupboard doors! One blackboard is a grocery listing so you can document what you’re running out of, the various other blackboard is a dinner coordinator.

Custom Pantry

Souce: thediyvillage.com

Can you imagine how much money you saved from this by doing it yourself?

Retro Pantry


I like this retro kitchen with an intense submarine door and also hand-stamped citrus wallpaper! It is so beloved and will definitely motivate you to do some cooking just so that you can open up the pantry.

Labeled Pantry

Classy Clutter

Including clear tags to different sized containers and jars will make your life a great deal simpler. I such as the concept of using clear containers so you can see precisely what you’re getting as well as what you’re running reduced on.

Dollar Store Pantry

Here is another example of classifying your pantry containers for efficiency as well as company. This kitchen was made from easy items bought at a dollar shop!

Crate Floor Storage


This is an excellent idea for making use of that floor room as even more storage area. Put an old shabby-chic pet crate on wheels so it can easily be pulled in and also out and after that offer it a label.

Pot Lid Hanger


Pot covers often tend always to be the messiest part of my cooking area. They are tough to pile and also appear to take up a great deal of room. I love this concept of hanging them up vertically, so they are conveniently accessible as well as organized!

7. DIY Pantry Spice Rack

Do you have a million and also one spices and also simply inadequate room for them all? You’re not the only one! Here is the best service to your spice trouble; an upright seasoning shelf that fits completely on your cupboard door.

8. Itty Bitty Pantry


Have limited space? Well, here is an instance that with a little creativity you can fit a pantry into any small wall area you have offered. The cutest little pantry around!

9. Canned Food Pantry

I like this suggestion! That little space next to the fridge generally is just a meeting place for dust bunnies, however with this slim pull-out canned food storage space rack you can make better use of it!

10. Barn Door Under the Stairs Pantry


Produce a kitchen room under your stairways by adding some shelves and constructing this rustic gliding barn door. A fantastic area to save additional completely dry products that aren’t utilized that often.

11. Chalkboard Barn Door


While we are considering sliding barn doors to utilize in a kitchen, let’s take a look at this instance. This door has an added chalkboard function so you can keep an eye on your grocery stores, or permit the youngsters to share their imagination!

12. Pantry Barn Doors


Another instance of sliding barn cupboard doors this moment using a dual door system for a superficial cupboard. A gorgeous way to conceal your messy pantry!

13. Ikea Pantry


Occasionally all you require to make a fantastic cupboard is to purchase a built-in variation from a store like Ikea. It features all the components you need and also only needs to be put together, and afterwards you’re ready to start storing!

14. Under Shelf Pantry Storage

To really utilize all your pantry space you can produce hanging racks beneath major racks. I think this is a fantastic space-saving idea that is easy to do as well as likewise cheap!

15. Wardrobe Pantry


If your home doesn’t have a built-in pantry why not consider making use of an old closet to save your dried out goods? This closet has a cord mesh rather than wooden doors so you can easily see inside.

16. Library Pantry


We love how sophisticated and just simple lovely this kitchen is. It has a gorgeous vintage feeling, as well as the concept of putting a collection ladder for tough to get to things is brilliant!

17. Organized Pantry


This pantry has an ideal spot for every thing! I enjoy the spherical corner shelves that seem to fit devices well, and also the shelf for recipe books.

18. Bright and Rustic Pantry


This pantry is so pleasing! I love that lovely blue wall surface contrasting the white shabby chic pet crates and also woven baskets. Organized, intense, and also fun!

19. Small but Solid Pantry

This is an instance that even a little pantry can be an organized one. Steel baskets, identified containers, and lots of shelving helps every little thing stay where it needs to be. I’m in love with the antique table they’ve made use of as even more counter room!

20. Roll Out Pantry


A great concept undoubtedly! Placing your box shelving on wheels as well as tracks so that they can conveniently be accessed will really make use of every bit of pantry area you have actually obtained.

21. Butlers Pantry

Intense, stylish, as well as quaint, this pantry is looking lavish with the deep royal blues and stylish dishware. Having a pantry that links your cooking area to your living-room is an interesting concept and also has to make hosting very easy!

22. Wooden Pantry

Open wooden shelving is an excellent idea if you are brief on room and also have an extra wall surface you can use for a kitchen. The dark timber looks fantastic beside the attractive wooden ceiling light beams.

23. Pull Out Pantry

Another pull-out pantry, this time around a bit more substantial to be able to fit any item. The door features a chalkboard that is absolutely helpful for making a note of things that you lack.

24. Busy yet Beautiful Pantry

What we like about this pantry, besides the attractive honey-colored timber, is the fact that you can close the doors and hide your mess if you desire!

There are a lot of great organization suggestions right here like the steel door shelving and also the pull-out veggie baskets.

25. Secret Pantry

Gina Eykemans

A hidden pantry under the stairs! Wizard! With some easy shelving systems as well as a light fixture, obviously, you can have your really own secret kitchen. The tiny roll-out shelf is an additional superb suggestion to include even more storage room!

26. Tiled Pantry

Although this pantry is fairly little and also slim, the intense white ceramic tiles make it really feel a great deal larger. Making use of clear containers for whatever makes it much more brilliant and also easy to take care of.

27. Bakers Pantry


This kitchen is what a bakers deam about! So much area for many things! Gorgeous marble counter tops with white pantrys and some serious pops of shade make this pantry a paradise.

28. DIY Pantry

Do not have a pantry built-in? You can obtain innovative by making your very own with primarily any type of storage system. I enjoy this idea of refurbishing old storage lockers to develop an unique and useful item in the kitchen area.

29. Armoire Pantry

One other concept for producing your own pantry is utilizing an old armoire! You can paint it to match your cooking area color pattern or leave it in its original state.

30. Lazy Susan Pantry

Including lazy susans to the edges of your pantry is a great suggestion! Things constantly seem to get lost and left in those back corners. With these turning tables, you will have easy access to all your completely dry products.

10+ Creative Ways to Organize Cooking Utensils

Keeping cooking tools is challenging: You want them within easy reach, yet you have a great deal of them so discovering a place is a problem, and getting them into any type of order is one more.

Fortunately there are a bunch of fantastic people out there spending lots of time thinking of this — and then posting their services online!

Here are the most intelligent methods to arrange your cooking tools that we could discover online.

In a container made from Legos!

DIY cooking utensils organizer
Apartment Therapy

Seem like playing? Attempt building a joyful as well as completely personalized container made out of Legos, like homeowners Anna and also Richard Wright.

Diagonally in a drawer

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Diamond Cabinets

Saving long utensils diagonally makes smarter, a lot more efficient use of cabinet area. So basic, yet so brilliant.

Under your top cupboards


New from Umbra, this individual mounts underneath your upper closets and also has adaptable grippers inside that grab and also keep tool handles.

Inside a cabinet door

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Tara Dennis

Connect hooks to the within your closet doors as well as shop tools in a low-profile area. Just set the link in 2 rows, as seen right here on Tara Dennis’ website, so that the door can close effectively.

In a pull-out cabinet

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Home Depot

As opposed to keeping your containers on the kitchen counter, placed them in bins that glide right into a pull-out closet. It’ll save space and also surprise dinner guests who occur to be hanging around in the cooking area while you cook.

On the side of closets

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Alexis Buryk

Even if you do not have wall space, you still probably have space to hang your tools, as this Chicago home verifies. Simply hang a bar or specific hooks on the side of your cabinets as well as there you go — instantaneous storage!

In a DIY shelf

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Grillo Designs

This Do It Yourself storage trick makes smart use of a normal resource: pipes products. Medina at Grillo Layouts installed plumbing pipe clips on a piece of timber, which she after that held on her wall surface to develop a rustic and helpful utensil hanging shelf.

In a pitcher

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Any person can place a number of devices in a regular ol’ crock, however we enjoy this concept from Anita at Cedar Hillside Farmhouse: She put her devices in a stainless steel bottle. One more suggestion? A vintage Champagne container would certainly work equally as well.

On a rake

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Love in a Mason Jar)

Hear us out! The concept appears a little around, but when we saw this image from Love in a Mason Jar, we were sold. The branches of an old rake are the best hooks for utensils.

On a pegboard

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
Devon Jarvis)

Frequently utilized for tools in a garage or workshop, a pegboard is equally as useful for keeping cooking area utensils. After all, Julia Youngster had one awaited her kitchen area.

On a towel rack

DIY kitchen utensil organizer
My Scandinavian Home

Use S-hooks to hang utensils from wall-mounted towel shelfs to turn them right into a developing display screen, like Niki from My Scandinavian Residence did.