Small Patio Ideas: Smart Ways to Maximize Your Space

Some outdoor space is better than no outdoor space, right? Don’t despair if you don’t have acres of land to work with. These small space ideas will transform any space into a cozy oasis.

Use Indoor Decorating Ideas

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Don’t just put out some folding chairs and call it a day. Really think about it as a room in your house. What can you do to maximize light? What decorating tricks will make the space seem larger? Should you add a rug to tie the room together? The goal is to make the space cozy so you utilize the space often.

Martha’s Back Porch Plants

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If you can’t see the walls, then you don’t really know how small a space is! Martha likes to fill her patio with lush plants that hide the rails and blend in with the rest of the yard.

A Table Terrarium

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If your patio is not large enough for both a table and plants, combine them! The terrarium coffee table is simply stunning.

Stylish Waterproof Outdoor Decor

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Mixing indoor and outdoor furnishings on a porch or patio is an excellent way to integrate house and garden. Position your chairs so that they are condusive to conversation.

Outdoor Rail

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It is crucial to keep a small space clutter-free. These rails should help!

Play with Patterns

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Small spaces beg for creativity. Have fun by mixing and matching colors, shapes, and patterns.

Go with Mood Lighting

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Putting lights in the right place is key in a small space. Here, the string lights that stretch all the way across the ceiling, make the space feel completely separate from the house.

Some Privacy

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Keep nosy neighbors at bay with a lush wall of greenery.

A Sleepy Sanctuary

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And, sometimes the best thing to do with a small space is to make it a private little santuary.

30 Awesome Small Backyard Ideas

Pocket backyards are common in suburban communities and inner city lots, however there are many things you can do to make the most out of your tiny yard space. Here are 30 awesome ideas that will transform your backyard into a comfortable, functional and impressive space for outdoor entertaining.

1. Trim Trees

When shopping for your shrubbery, be savvy and select upward growing trees. Green giant arborvitae, magnolia, cherry, maples, Persian Ironwood, and even bamboos can attractively line up your backyard, give you shade, and provide fresh air without taking a lot of space.

wood fence and trim side trees

2.  Murphy Picnic Set

Enjoy meals al fresco with a hideaway picnic set that you can fold up when not in use.

collapsible garden picnic set

3. Side Gardening

Line your fencing with side gardens and leave the centre of your yard open. This format will create the illusion of space.

backyard side garden

4. A White Backyard

Light colours give the illusion of space. White walls, furniture, and light hued plants create a cool and airy backyard.

comfortable garden nook

5.The Skinny Pool

Who says swimming pools are limited to large backyards? A narrow lap pool is a great addition to a small backyard.

modern skinny backyard pool

6. Mosaic Pathway

Introduce colour and shape into your backyard with a detailed mosaic pathway.

mosaic garden pathway

7. A Grassy Nook

Segment a portion of the yard to grow a lush patch of grass to relax on.

cool tropical garden design

8. Vertical Box Gardening

Don’t let the lack of space stop you from creating floral garden beds. Vertical box gardens are popular throughout smaller spaces.

vertical flower boxes

9. Water Feature

A unique and striking water feature will add a strong focal point to your backyard, de-emphasising the size restrictions of your yard.

Zen garden water feature

10. Clean and Modern

Even the tiniest yard can be transformed into a comfortable outdoor nook. Introduced a minimalist aesthetic to your backyard with simple planters, cultivated plants and lean benches.

pocket backyard design idea

11. Corner Seating Hub

Create the illusion of a wider space by strategically placing your features in one corner of the backyard and leave the rest of the area open.

clean and green private garden

12.   Diamond Pavers

Bring in some drama and depth into your pathways with diamond patterned pavers.

diamond garden pavers

13. Plant Contouring

Keep in mind the shape of your garden when choosing plants. This vibrant cluster has the right height, complementing shapes, and a variety of delightful colour.

vibrant garden cluster

14. Classic Symmetry

You can never go wrong with the classic symmetrical garden plan.

small symmetrical backyard

15. Bricked

Give your backyard character and colour with brickwork. The warm red seen in brick flooring vividly contrasts against vibrant greenery, creating a lush mini forest.

small bricked backyard

16. Terrace Gardening

Fill every nook and cranny of your backyard with a terraced garden. Using timber framing helps to add a more rustic vibe.

terraced pocket garden

17. Cultured Pergolas

Add a romantic quality to your small backyard with a choice of fragrant climbers. Adding a pergola with fragrant climbers like jasmine, roses, wisteria, or sweet peas will transform any yard into a dreamy space.

small backyard with pergola

18. Square Pavers and Gravel

Square pavers and gravel keep the backyard neat and modern. The tandem also perfectly complement wood fencing and decking.

contemporary backyard deck

19. Asymmetrical Decking

A long and narrow backyard is ideal for the non-conformist asymmetrical deck plan. Create a nook, install strategic lights, and plant as you go along the length of your backyard.

modern small backyard garden

20. Simply Lush

Transform a sparse backyard into an emerald forest by filling it up with green lush plants.

small backyard English garden

21. Fire and Water

Stay by the fire on nippy evenings, or take a dip during warm nights. This fire and water themed space is very popular among small backyard ideas.

small backyard pool and spa

22. A Live Wall

Rather than planting on the ground, save space by cultivating a live wall.

small space succulents garden

23. Neat and Squared

Among the popular small backyard ideas, the squared garden design is most suited to people who like order, simplicity, and poise.

neat and squared small backyard garden design

24. Lawn and Nook

Love a lawn and a nook in your backyard? This modern backyard plan directly divides the area into two distinct spaces – with a generous side of greens.

lawn, nook and spa backyard design

25. A Round Patio

Turn a small corner space into an entertainment hub complete with a fire pit, a barbecue grill, table and seats. Keep things organised with a rough round patio.

round patio and firepit

26. Spa Themed Garden

Go ultra-modern and Zen with a water, wood, and stone garden. Cool and refreshing.

Zen garden design

27. Pallet Patio

Creating a fancy backyard doesn’t have to be expensive. Recycled pallets can make a charming and bucolic patio.

cosy pallet patio

28. Wood and Grass

This wood and grass backyard is made interesting with the irregular shapes.

contemporary wood and grass small backyard design

29. Arbour and Swing Set

Add a touch of quaintness and romance to your small backyard by adding an arbour and swing set.

arbour and swing garden feature

30. Fancy Wicker Furniture

Wicker pieces are timelessly charming. Bring in a fabulous and delightful wicker furniture to complete your backyard.

fancy wicker garden furniture

Do you have any sensational small backyard ideas that we haven’t covered?