Creative Ways to Organize Things with S-Hooks

By using s-hooks to hang items that would otherwise be in a drawer, box or shelf (or on the floor… cough cough*), drawer space is freed up, the items are given a bit more breathing room, and they’re even more accessible. We have found that hanging items that are used frequently or don’t store well in drawers or shelves is the best bet for creating a functional space.

Entryway Rack

Adding these simple hooks to a rustic branch for entryway storage is such a clever idea! This is a perfect example of how versatile these hooks are because they can be mixed and matched with a huge variety of rails. Every home is a bit happier with some hooks by the front door for holding those current hats, coats and bags.

Garage Gadgets

S-Hooks for Garage Gadgets // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
Design Sponge

By storing small gadgets and tools at eye-level, it makes accessing these items during a project so much more convenient! We can imagine this being a perfect organization trick for someone who’s always toiling away at their projects.

Craft & Office Supplies

S-Hooks for Craft and Office Supplies // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

Whether you’re an avid crafter or you’re looking to maximize your office storage space, this solution is for you! Installing one small rod above a desk or bookshelf is a fantastic idea for keeping items off the desk surface so there’s more room to spread out your project!

Spare Closet Items

S-Hooks for Spare Closet Items // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

I’m a big believer that every closet needs at least a few s-hooks to hang those extra purses and umbrellas. HGTV shows us that a coat closet is the perfect location to add a few hooks for these items. Grabbing a tote and umbrella on the way out the door seems so much easier when they’re right at eye-level!

Pots & Pans

S-Hooks for Pots and Pans // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

Using s-hooks to hang posts and pans overhead is a kitchen organizing classic, but we “oohed and aaahed” at this super clever alternative of using a ladder instead! Pots and pans are very difficult to store in kitchen cabinets because of their awkward size and weight. Add s-hooks to a sturdy rod, above-head pot-rack or even a ladder to get those pots and pans where you want them!

Necklace & Bracelets

S-Hooks for Necklaces and Bracelets // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

Since s-hooks come in such a variety of sizes, using a small variety for delicate necklaces and bracelets is another option! If you’re not the crafty type, simply install a thin rod on a free closet wall and add small s-hooks to create adjustable necklace and bracelet storage.

Gardening Supplies

S-Hooks for Gardening Supplies // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

Using rods and s-hooks in a shed, side of the house, or wall of the garage is a super efficient storage solution for garden supplies. Even a bulky, heavy hose can withstand the s-hook test!


S-Hooks for Hats // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
The Cavender Diary

Storing hats so that they don’t get smushed is super important! Hanging them rather than stacking them is the best bet for preserving your beautiful brimmed hats for as long as possible!

Mugs & Tea Cups

S-Hooks for Mugs and Tea Cups // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
They All Hate Us

How adorable is this coffee station idea? Here s-hooks look so chic as a pretty decor item in the kitchen. This storage solution can help with any type of mug or tea cup.


S-Hooks for Belts // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
Like a Saturday

Belts can certainly be a pesky item to store in drawers or baskets because some stiff materials are a total pain to roll up! That’s why hanging belts on s-hooks in the closet is a genius solution. Add a few belts to each hook, and you’ve got a belt storage space that’s adjustable and affordable to pull together.

Cooking Utensils

S-Hooks for Cooking Utensils // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

Since counter space in this kitchen is limited, this cook decided to get the spatulas, spices, & cooking tools up on the wall. We especially love how accessible all those cooking tools will be while whipping up a meal.

Bath Towels

S-Hooks for Bath Towels // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
A Living Space

This trick is less about storage and more about getting those towels nice and dry! Throw a few s-hooks on your shower rod to hang wet towels after a shower. You can also use these hooks to hang loofas, shower caps or other shower accessories.

Cleaning Supplies

S-Hooks for Cleaning Supplies // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
Improvised Life

Hanging cleaning supplies and tools in an extra closet is a fantastic way to keep these items off of the floor. Since their function is to clean the house, it’s best to keep these items clean also!! Throw some sturdy s-hooks in the utility closet, and you’ve suddenly have customizable supply storage.


S-Hooks for Pants // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //
Family Handyman

Well this is a first! Hanging jeans by the belt-loop is definitely a new concept to me, but we like the way it looks! While we prefer folding jeans in half over a traditional hanger, we really like the idea of using these hooks for delicate camisoles and tank-tops.